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Free Tool to Open & View Damaged Windows Backup (.bkf) File

bkf viewer software
  • Allow to Open & Preview BKF file with all data items
  • Maintains the integrity of BKF file data after scanning
  • BKF Viewer Software Suport to Explore BKF and ZIP file data
  • Multiple Scan Options: Quick Scan, Deep Scan & Ranged Based Scan
  • Retains original formatting & meta-properties of BKF file data
  • No BKF file size limitation: tested over 3.2 TB of BKF file data
  • Support all versions of Microsoft Windows i.e. 10 & below versions

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Descriptive Features of BKF File Viewer Software

install bkf reader free

Open & View Windows Backup File

With the help of BKF file Viewer software, it becomes possible for a user to open and view BKF file data. The software is designed in such a way that it allows users to access all type of BKF file for example, view corrupted BKF File. It recovers the corrupted data without any hassle and provides an instant preview of it.

scan windows bkf file

Multiple Scan Mode to Explore BKF File

Another impressive feature about the bkf explorar software is that it allows users to open & view even inaccessible Windows Backup file (.bkf). BKF File Opener tool provides multiple scanning mode i.e. Quick Scan Mode, Deep Scan Mode and Range Based Scan Mode. It helps to explore .bkf file easily and quickly.

view backup file data

Preview BKF File with Attributes

As soon as the scanning process completes, the BKF File reader tool provides an instant preview of all the data items maintained in BKF file. A user can easily open & view all data items along with their associated attributes, for example, the file size in KB name of files, and changes in date with time. The BKF file Opener software loads all type of file or items contained within the BKF file and previews them without any hassle.

online bkf viewer

Search within Scanned BKF File

The BKF File Viewer tool provides users an option to search within the scanned BKF file using the search tool bar. This option allows users to search for any specific item or file present in the scanned BKF file. One can search by typing or use a file extension, phrase for any particular file. The software will display all items matching the searching criteria.

explore bkf file easily

Easy & Simple User Interface

The best part about the BKF File viewer is that it provides an easy and simple to use the user interface to open & view BKF file data. The graphical user interface provided by the BKF file reader software is a self-explanatory interface. A user needs not to be technically expert use the tool. In addition, it does not require any pre-requisites.

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Compatible with All Windows

BKF files are the Windows XP backup files that maintain the backup of all data stored on Windows in .bkf file format. However, it becomes difficult for a user to open or restore them on any other versions such as Windows 10, 8, 7. To overcome all such situations, one can go for a BKF file opener tool & open the BKF file on any version of Windows.

User Navigation for Free BKF File Viewer Tool

Frequently Asked Questions for BKF File Viewer Software

Is it possible to view the data of corrupted BKF File?
Yes, a user can easily view data of corrupted BKF file by choosing Advanced Scan Mode.
Can I search for the particular file present in BKF file?
Yes, a search option is available in the tool bar through which a user can search for a particular file.
Can I run this BKF File opener tool on Windows 10?
Yes, the tool is compatible with all versions of MS Windows, including Windows 10.
Is there any BKF File size limitation imposed by the BKF File Reader?
No, the software does not impose any file size limitation. One can easily view any size BKF file without any restriction.
Is this tool is totally free of cost to download on the local machine?
Yes, the BKF File viewer is completely free of cost, a user just needs to download it from our official website.

Steps to View BKF File Using BKF Reader Software

Step 1: Download and Launch BKF Viewer

Download & Install BKF File Reader Tool on the local machine

steps to view bkf file online
Step 2: Scan Windows Backup File

After that, choose the type of Scanning Mode

brows bkf file to software
Step 3: Preview BKF File with attachments

Now, preview all the data items present in BKF File

secan damaged bkf file
Step 4: Select Required Data & View

Then, you can easily view the content of BKF file

view windows bkf file items

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Client′s Review for BKF Viewer Software

"It was really difficult for me to open backup files on the latest versions of the Windows OS i.e. Windows 10. But, when I used this BKF Viewer software I was so amazed that what a great utility was designed by the developers. Thanks to the BKF Viewer for helping me in such a great way. I must appreciate the work done by the developers. Hats Off"

-- Tyler Matt, London

"The best part that attract me to use this tool is it provides a preview of even corrupted BKF File. Moreover, it is a standalone utility that does not require any extra installation. I never thought that viewing BKF file is so easy using this free BKF File Viewer. Great work was done by the developer with user interface of the software."

-- Alexander, Georgia

Comparison Between BKF Viewer and Viewer Pro Versions

Features FREE Version PRO Version
Browse BKF Files and Folders
Support All Windows Versions
Restore Data From Huge Sized BKF Files
View Restored Files and Folders Before Saving
Restore Complete BKF of Exchange Mailboxes Show only Preview Restore Complete Data
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