SoftwarePro Outlook PST Forensic

A Dedicated Tool to Simplify Analysis of PST File for Collecting Evidences

pst forensics tool
  • Enable users to perform forensics on corrupt and damaged Outlook file
  • Fetches complete PST file mailboxes: emails, contact, calendar, etc.
  • Recoups soft as well as hard deleted mailboxes / emails from PST file
  • Discloses the hidden information stored within a tampered PST mail
  • Advance searching techniques to gather evidences from bulk emails
  • Holds data integrity at the time of Outlook Forensics and saving evidences

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Salient Features of Outlook PST File Forensic Tool

pst forensic software

Tool Refines Searching Criteria

Microsoft Outlook Forensics software delivers variety of searching techniques to forensic investigators for accumulating law proves from suspected PST file. If simple searching process does not gives a precised result then, software equips certain criterion for refining and filtering information, as per demand. The product offers a Super Grid data filtering option to implement specific keyword searching without using the search option of software. Besides this, different searching provisions are equipped by PST analysis tool like time line analysis of search result, searching within subset, link findings of search result, etc. These techniques help in streamlining the result more close towards the accurate searches.

online outlook forensics

Analyze PST With Different Views

In order to make the case more stronger, Outlook forensic software extracts each mail with their metadata properties, header part, content, and its format from a mass of PST file emails, loaded in variety of forensic views.

1. Conversation View : Two switching modes i.e., normal and conversation, are provided by this PST analysis tool. All the emails will listed in normal mode and in conversation mode, messages will be managed for making email context easy to understand

2. Preview An Email : Right-click on an individual email message and select preview option to analyze suspected mail in different modes like Hex, header, HTML, RTF, etc. Attachments of each email can also be tracked with this MS Outlook forensic tool.

download pst forensic tool

PST File Forensics in Bulk Mode

The application enables investigation team to simultaneously browse multiple Outlook storage files to perform forensic upon them. One just need to add source files under Bulk Mode and then, can either add one PST file or a complete folder (having multiple PST files) within it. Outlook forensic software is strong enough to manage numerous .pst files and deeply performing scanning on them. It renders tracing of present inculpatory evidences and hence, originating smoking guns for investigators. Another interesting fact of this tool is that it supports corrupted as well as damaged PST files for collecting law proves. Apart from this, permanently deleted emails / folders can also be recovered, which might prove themselves essential while analysis.

best outlook forensic software

Equips Variety of Export Options

The major aspect of eDiscovery procedure is the Production phase because it involves presentation of gathered evidences in the court. Therefore, this Outlook.pst forensic software provides its clients with an alternative to import evidence emails into anyone of the rendered file formats i.e., PDF, HTML, HTML, EML, MSG, PST, TIFF, etc. The tool does not requires Outlook installation for exporting messages and provides an option to separately save email header part in CSV file format. Apart from this, users can take out the hard copy of email message for documentation purpose, by using Print option provided in our PST forensic tool. It is 100% assured that email integrity will be maintained throughout the file saving procedure.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Outlook PST Forensics Software

Will your Outlook Forensic software display total number of emails included in browsed PST files?
Yes, this intelligent application will be extracting and displaying the exact number of emails present in source files.
Will your software load duplicate files for investigation procedure or provide an option to eliminate duplicate files?
Neither software displays duplicate files not you have to select any option because our PST forensic tool automatically skips the duplicate files.
I want to put tag on all those emails on which I will perform a deep forensics in future. But, for time being I want to tag them separately so that when I again investigate the same case I don’t have to waste time on searching for those mails. Therefore, I want to learn that is there any provision of performing tagging operation in your Outlook PST forensics tool?
Yes, this useful feature of tagging is provided in our software. You just need to right-click on an individual email and then, you will find Tag option in the displayed menu list.
Based upon certain criteria, I want to customize the exporting procedure of evidence PST emails to PDF file format. Is there any facility of advance settings in your tool?
Yes for sure, you can use the Change option provided in Export Options wizard of the software. Customize settings option like file naming convention, page layout, bates numbering, etc., all are rendered by our Microsoft Outlook forensics tool.

Steps to Investigate Evidence from Outlook Emails

Step 1: Create a New Case File

You have to create a new case file either by clicking on New Case option or going to File >> New Case

Steps for outlook forensics

Fill up all the required details on current New case window and then, click on Add button

fill up form

The case will successfully be added into directory click on OK to start the investigation

pst forensics utility
Step 2: Add the Evidence PST File

Click on Add Evidence button to browse the Outlook file on which investigation is to be performed.

add evidence

Select the Microsoft Outlook (*.pst) option from the File tab

select pst file

Hit on Browse button for adding one or more source PST files

best pst examination tool

Software offers following three options in bulk mode:

  • Add File : With help of Shift or ctrl button, you can select multiple PST files
  • Add Folder : A folder having several PST files can be exported all at once
  • Remove : The selected Outlook file can be removed from the file list
add folder

You can equip our Outlook Forensics software with login information for the password-protected files. If they are not encrypted then, generate your login credential with security credentials

online pst forensics

At last, click on Add button to load start the scanning of PST files

click on add
Step 3: Track the File Scanning Status

You will now be able to track the current email file status with attributes like Mail count, file count, and file size in GB

track outlook emails
Step 4: Searching Time to Perform PST File Forensics

Add a searching string to fetch information, which is suitable for keywords that are to be searched with logical operators and on basis of certain criteria.

search pst file

You can utilize all logical operators like AND, OR, and NOT to filter the searching procedure:

  • AND : The searching output must be having searched data
  • NOT : The searching keyword must not be present in output
  • OR : It is optional to have the searching term in result
online outlook forensics

Make use of more advance searching options provided in this Outlook forensics tool where you can customize the process by doing searching in between Subject and To attribute of emails.

advance search

In general, the mentioned keyword will be searched under specified criteria. Whereas, you can use any one of the two wildcard scenarios i.e., Asterisk (*) and Question Mark (?).

scan outlook emails

Based upon the combination of certain formats, you are free to perform general searching in our PST forensics software

outlook pst forensics

This product is equipping an advance search type i.e., Stem search. This will be useful for those investigators who are not sure about few words


g) Outlook PST file forensics requires a deep researching of each and every email, till its root end. Therefore, another searching type named as Fuzzy search is rendered to encounter all the searching results, which are approximate and nearest to the provided data.

pst file forensic online
Step 5: Edit the Saved Case

In order to make modifications in created case, you can utilize Edit Case option for making changes

Step 6: Export PST Email As Evidence

Select all those emails from preview wizard, which you want to export and then perform right-click operation

export data

Choose anyone of the listed export options and then, click on Browse button

brows file

Determine the location where you want to store exported files and hit on OK

complete forensics

Click on Change button from Export options wizard and then, select Naming Convention tab to alter the name of resultant files

change setting

After making all the desired settings, click on OK button and then view live exporting status in front of you

best outlook forensics tool

Once the procedure gets finished, a pop-up message window will appear in which you have to click on OK button for confirmation

complete scan
Step 7: Save Entire Exporting Report in CSV

An Export window will appear where you will find total number of exported items with their Success count and failed count. If you want to save this report then, click on Export to CSV button

Browse towards the location where you want to save .csv file, mention the name of that file, and click on Save button

A confirmation message window will appear from which you will come to know that CSV file is successfully created

Online Video of Microsoft Outlook Forensics Software

Client′s Review for PST Forensics Software

"The performance of Outlook.pst forensics tool and its features are really stunning. It can be considered as an all-in-one product where all facilities to accomplish investigation is performed. The searching techniques are brilliant and talking about interface then, it is very easy to understand the working of product without any hassle."

-- Tommy Tucker, Saudi Arabia

"It used to be a challenge for me to perform forensics on PST file, manually. One of my teammate recommended me to operate this product and I did the same. The software is really of great help! What I found the best in it is the searching techniques. Thanks a lot to the developers who created such intelligent Outlook forensics software in the market!"

-- Mamie Thompson, Japan