Unable to Add Watermark in PDF – Resolve the Problem

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Applying watermark to PDF file pages is the best way to sign a PDF document. A digitally signed document cannot be used without taking permission from the owner. But there are multiple issues due to which user become unable to add watermark in PDF documents. So, in the below section, you will find 3 best ways to place image and text-based watermark in a PDF file.

how to add watermark without losing quality


The watermark can be an image, text, logo, signature or any specific thing. As we all know that the PDF is used as portable documents. A digitally signed document authenticate the receiver that the documents are not tempered during transmission. So, without wasting time let’s understand why the user is unable to insert watermark in PDF document. After that, we will move to the solution part for How to apply watermark to all PDF pages?

Unable to Add Watermark in PDF – Why?

If you are not to put watermark into a PDF document, then there could be mainly two possible reasons for the cause and they are

    1. Owner Level Restriction: – The PDF document is subjected to owner level restriction. It means that you cannot edit, modify or add anything to the document. For this first remove the restriction and then insert watermark in PDF file.

    2. User Level Restriction: – It implies a password, which is required to open the PDF file. If you don’t have the password. Then you cannot add watermark to the particular PDF document.

Note: – Find the best way to fix PDF is password protected and cannot be exported issue. Explained a complete guide.

Techniques to Apply Watermark to PDF Pages

  1. There are multiple ways to put a watermark in PDF file. The best 3 methods are explained here:

    1. Free PDF Watermark Adder

    2. Insert Watermark to PDF Using Microsoft Word

    3. Steps to Place Watermark to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat XI

Method 1: – Set Text/Image Watermark in PDF File Using Free Software

You have a healthy PDF file without any restrictions added on it. If you are unable to add watermark in PDF file, then follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download and Install the Software on Windows Machine
    Download Free PDF Watermark
    100% Safe and Secured
  • Hit on Watermark button from the menu bar
  • Now select watermark type, either Text Watermark or Image Watermark how to add watermark without losing quality
  • Afterward, browse PDF files by using Add File(s) or Add Folder button respectively.

  • Customize your watermark using advanced features providedhow to add watermark in pdf

  • At the end hit on Generate button and after that save resultant file.

Method 2: – Insert Watermark to PDF Using Microsoft Word

If you have Microsoft Word and are unable to add watermark in PDF file content, then follow the steps listed below:

  • First, take backup of the entire document in which you want to add watermark.

  • Now open a Microsoft Word and go to Page Layout from menu bar.

  • From page background section, hit on Watermark option.

  • Do customizations over the default watermark added as required.

  • Opt the desired watermark option: No Watermark, Image Watermark, or Text Watermark

  • Watermark is added to the Word file. Now, copy the content from PDF and paste here.

Note: – If your document have owner restriction, you need to Unlock the PDF file and then copy content from the PDF document.

Method 3: – Steps to Add Watermark to PDF Using Adobe Acrobat XI

Perform the steps listed below and add watermark in PDF file without losing data:

  • Download and Install The Adobe Acrobat XI

  • First hit on Tools and then Page

  • Choose Edit Page Design, after that hit Watermark and Add Watermark

  • Change watermark setting if required

  • At the end hit on Appearance and check the checkbox on the pop-up window.


The article talks about the various methods to place text/image watermark in a PDF file. We have discussed some reasons where you are unable to add watermark in PDF files. If your query exists on applying watermark to all PDF pages without losing the quality, try the steps listed in method 1.