Save IMAP Emails Locally – One-Stop Non-Technical Solution

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: August 18th, 2021 | Technology

User QueryHow is it possible to save IMAP emails locally in a short amount of time? I urgently need to export all my emails from my IMAP account and keep them safe from any threat as they have really important information that can’t be lost. Please help me with a solution!

A number of users ask similar queries and have been going through the same trouble of not being able to export the data. IMAP being the standard for email server synchronization with the email client, it makes it possible to view the message, subject, and body.

To save IMAP emails locally, you can perform one simple procedure. Since IMAP can easily move or delete your emails without downloading it locally, any changes you make in one device will be reflected on all the devices.

This is why it is important to download the data on your local folder for keeping it safe from any threat leading to data-loss. To avoid users from going through any trouble, this guide explains the perfect solution in detail for successful migration.

Let’s get started!

Perfect Solution to Save IMAP Emails Locally

Want a trouble-free and useful technique to perform this operation without facing any hindrances causing a delay in the download? Go for the IMAP Email Backup Software for Mac OS machines of prior versions and latest versions up till Mac OS 11 & above.

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If you want a selective email export, you can use the filter to save data as per certain time-zone. Be tension-free for your data and the attachments integrated with them. All the data files are kept safe during the process to save IMAP emails locally with the help of this software.

Before learning the features that make this tool an advanced solution, let’s understand the steps for the backup process.

Instructions for Saving Emails on Local Storage Device

1. Download and run this tool on your computer and select the domain from the given list. Fill in the Email Address and Password fields and hit Login.

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2. From the Select Export Type fields, you need to choose the format of your choice to export your data in. After that, go to the Advance Settings button.


3. Save IMAP emails locally and selectively by choosing a Naming Convention pattern and setting the dates in Date-Filter. Press the Save button.


4. After that, you can check the boxes beside Maintain Folder Hierarchy option and the Delete after Download option as per requirements.


5. Pick a destination path for the end resultant files by choosing the Change button.


6. In the last step, you have to just click on the Start Backup button and the process will start.


Now, moving to the features of this software.

Impeccable Features of the Software to Save IMAP Emails Locally

1. Multiple File Formats: The tool allows you to export your data directly from your mailbox just by entering the correct login information. Then you can select the data files and choose the file type from multiple formats provided i.e. PST, PDF, MSG, TXT, EML, EMLX, MBOX, HTML, etc.

2. Selective Data Transfer: If there is a need to download emails from a specific period of time, you are allowed to do so by using the Date-Filter feature of this tool to save IMAP emails locally. Set the dates in the “from” and “to” fields for directing the tool to export the data only from the chosen time-zone.

3. Free Up Server Space: In case you want to get some space in your account server for more emails to be received, the tool permits you to use the Delete after Download feature. Applying this feature, you can delete the emails that you have exported from the server.

4. Folder Structure Maintenance: During the process to save IMAP emails locally, you can mark the Maintain Folder Hierarchy feature. This feature will keep the data integrity intact and the folder hierarchy the same as before the backup process.

5. Different Naming Patterns: While saving the data, you can choose various naming patterns from the Naming Convention field. You have the option to save your data by the names like Subject, Subject + Date, From + Subject + Date, etc.

6. Newly Received Data: This is an amazing feature that has the ability to download only the newly arrived files using Incremental Backup feature. It means that during the process to save IMAP emails locally, you can easily scan your mailbox again for checking if any new email has been received. If and when found, the tool will export only those emails.

Customer Reviews

Customer 1 – This tool is the best one in the game of migration and I would recommend it to all my fellow users who are having trouble exporting their emails. The software has such a user-friendly interface that even a non-techie like me could easily understand its steps.

Customer 2 – If you want to save IMAP emails locally, this is the only solution you require. The features that the tool offers, the swift working, and the satisfying results make it the best software for exporting the data files. Such an amazing tool for troubled and novice users.

Customer 3 – I have worked with many tools but this one is the best amongst all. The easiness and the effectiveness of this software is just amazing. It is a 100% recommendation from my side.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes users find it difficult to manage their data on their IMAP server cloud mail. Looking at the vulnerability of IMAP protocol, it is essential to keep the data files stored in your local storage.

There are many techniques to perform this task but we have explained only the best one for non-technical users as well. Follow the quick steps to save IMAP emails locally in desired file format.