Repair BKF File: Tips & Tricks to Recover Windows Backup Files

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: August 13, 2020 | Technology

Are you searching an efficient way to repair BKF file? Do not worry! Here, we have come up with the different solutions to repair ntbackup BKF file without losing a bit of data. Let’s have a look.

The BKF file tend to be one of the most decisive database files. It plays an important role in restoring the entire database of any program to its previous state at the time of disaster. All of the BKF files are created via NTBackup utility in Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 simultaneously.

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But sometimes, users faced an issue while they are trying to extract data from BKF file like a BKF file is inaccessible, BKF file gets corrupt, etc. At times, they start looking for an instant solution to fix repair BKF file Microsoft issue. So, we considered this and come up with two techniques such as manual and professional solution to BKF file Recovery. You just have to go through the complete blog to get resolutions to repair corrupt Windows backup file.

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Why BKF File Gets Corrupted? – User’s Real-time Scenario

Need help! I have 20 GB Windows backup ‘BKF’ file and I want to extract data from BKF file, but I do not know why but my backup file is inaccessible. What should I do in this circumstance? How can recover data from BKF file? Can you please provide me an effective solution to repair Windows 7 backup file without losing a bit of information. Thanks.

Quick Note

After analyzing the above-stated user’s query. We can say that the BKF file corruption is not a common issue. It is faced by many users. In case of Windows backup file corruption, you require an efficient solution to repair BKF file. So, in the upcoming sections, we are going to explain the free manual way to fix BKF file corruption issue. After executing the instructions listed below, you can easily resolve corrupt windows backup file issue.

Techniques to Repair & Recover BKF File

Here, in this section, we are going to mention 2 techniques to repair Windows backup file. Let’s have a look:

Free Manual Solution to Repair BKF File

The restoration of corrupt BKF file is a crucial process. But, users can try to repair Windows backup file with the help of WindowsNT Repair. By performing the steps mentioned below, you can recover and extract data from BKF file which is created with Veritas software for Windows NTBackup / Backup Exec. Let’s start:

1. First of all, open the folder which contains NTBackup.exe. And right-click on the Run as Administrator.
2. Now, NTBackup displays the message, i.e., Removable Storage service (removed in Windows Vista & higher). Then, hit on OK to proceed further.
3. Here, a new wizard appears on the screen which states Welcome to Backup or Restore. And click on the Next

Step 3
4. Then, you have to choose to Restore files and settings and click on Next

Step 4
5. Click on Browse button and choose the BKF file to restore. Hit on OK

Step 5
6. Subsequently, expands from the left panel and choose the preferred files/folder and hit on Next.
7. Hit on the Advanced option.

Step 7
8. Now, under the Restore files to drop-down, you have to choose Alternate location. After that, specify the Destination Path.

Step 8
9. Consequently, opt the Restore options.
10. At last, click on Next and Finish.

Step 10

Limitations of Performing BKF File Recovery Manually

The above-mentioned manual solution having some restrictions which affect the complete corrupt BKF file recovery procedure. Here, in this section, we are going to state a few of them. Have a look:

1. Using the manual technique, you can only repair minor level of corruption issues
2. It does not provide any surety to repair BKF file and extract data from BKF file without any data loss
3. There is no guarantee of data safety. It can cause data loss issue
4. The free solution for MS backup, recovery only works on Windows 8 and 7, Windows Vista. It does not obtainable to Windows XP or previous versions. Also, it is a time-consuming procedure.
5. It will work only when ntmsapi.dll and vssapi.dll files are presented in the system.

An Efficient Approach to Repair BKF Files

As we all know, the free does not always mean free. The above stated manual solution having some restrictions which lead to data loss issue. Do not worry! You can use the Windows Backup BKF File Recovery tool. With the help of this amazing software, you can easily recover BKF files. This bkf file repair tool is specially designed in such a way, i.e., it quickly repair Windows backup file and extracts data from it.

It comes with an understandable and self-explanatory interface. So, a novice user can operate it to recover corrupt BKF file without taking any external help. Simply, download the BKF repair tool freeware to review the authenticity and performance.

Top Features of  BKF Recovery Tool

The corrupt BKF file repair tool having an effective feature which helps to recover BKF file within a few clicks. So, in this section, we are going to explain a few of them. Have a look:

1. It repair BKF file without any loss of information.
2. The BKF repair tool, repair ntbackup BKF file and Symantec VERITAS Backup Exec files.
3. It offers 3 different scanning modes like Quick, Deep and Range Based.
4. You can preview and extract data from Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and 7 backup ZIP files.
5. It permits to view resultant recoverable file names from the corrupted Windows backup file.
6. This tool provides an option to Quick Search within the recovered backup file to extract data from BKF file.

Step by Step Guide to Repair BKF Files Effortlessly

Follow the below-outlined steps to perform the procedure to fix corrupt Windows backup file without any hassle.

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Step 1: Install and open “BKF File Recovery” tool in your local system

windows bkf recovery tool

Step 2: Then, add respective BKF file and preview BKF file data in software panel

preview files from bkf

Step 3: After completion of the recovery procedure. Now, you have to extract data from BKF file

extract bkf file

Step 4: Finally, you can view the extracted path of saved BKF files

extract bkf file

Concluding Words

For the continuity of adequate work, it is necessary to have the backup of data. However, it generates a more complicated situation when the backup file gets damaged or corrupted. So, here in this blog, we have explained various methods to repair BKF file. Both of the techniques make easy for users to implement recovery of BKF file, repair corrupt Windows backup file, and extract data from BKF file without any data loss.

FAQs Related to BKF File Recovery

Some users have queries about how to repair ntbackup BKF file

Is it possible to repair corrupt BKF file without data loss?

Yes, it is possible to repair corrupt Windows backup files. But, to do so, you have to utilize the BKF repair tool explained in this post.

Do Symantec Backup Exec files are recoverable after corruption?  

Yes, as the Symantec backup Exec generates the BKF file. So, you can perform Symantec backup recovery from corrupt Veritas backup file. Simply, download the software provided in the blog and use it for the same.

What are the signs and symptoms of BKF file corruption?

Some common symptoms of the Windows Backup ‘BKF’ file corruption are as follows:
1. Backup Exec 11d e000fe36 error code.
2. An error occurs, such as CRC error while you try to open and recover BKF file.
3. Corruption of internal headers and structures of Window backup files due to Virus infection.
4. Hardware and software related issues like a hard disk or system crash also make the BKF files unusable.

Can I recover data from Windows 7 Backup ZIP files?

Yes, you can repair windows 7 ZIP files. But, there is no manual solution to do the same. Use BKF Repair software to recover data from Windows backup ZIP files without any compatibility issues.

Is It Possible to Repair BKF File in Windows 10?

Yes, simply perform the steps listed in this article and repair Windows 10, 8, 7 BKF files.

Why BKF File Get Corrupted?

BKF file corruption reasons are listed below:
• Windows backup file internal structure and header infected by the virus.
• CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Checks) can also cause BKF corruption error
• The incomplete backup process also leads to corruption
• System hardware failure while taking backup