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Outlook OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted – DIY Solution

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Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On December 25th, 2023
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Summary:- Outlook is a mail client used to access Exchange Server emails. It enables the user to send and receive emails along with all Meta properties like attachments, headers, notes, journals, and tasks, etc. But due to some reasons, it shows an error Outlook OST File Keeps Getting Corrupted. This error can occur in any version of Outlook 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and all its below versions. Don’t panic while continuously getting Microsoft Outlook OST File Keeps Getting corrupted error messages. Simply read this article and fix all issues of .ost file corruption.

Why OST File Keep Getting Corrupted Frequently?

As we know that the OST stands for Offline Storage Table and it stores entire shared data in it. The OST File is stored on the system hard drive. This feature facilitates users to access ost files without an internet connection. But in many situations, Outlook prompts .ost file corrupted error message. There are many reasons for ost file corrupted error depending on the particular scenario. If your Outlook 2010 OST File keeps getting corrupted frequently, then there might be some serious concern. The reasons behind Outlook OST file corruption are listed below:

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Reasons for Repetitive OST File Corruption

The OST file keeps getting corrupted Problems can occur in any version of outlook like Outlook 2016, Outlook 2013, Outlook 2010, Outlook 2007, and all below versions. The reasons behind most corruption are listed below:

  • Unable to Synchronize with Exchange Server

    All the changes made to the ost file while not connected to the internet need to be synchronized. When the OST file tries to synchronize with the Exchange server then all the changes made offline will be updated in the Exchange Server OST File copy. But due to any internal or external fault synchronization process not getting completed then as a result ost file gets corrupted.

    Solution: – To avoid the OST file corruption issue before synchronizing ost with Exchange server check internet connection. Because poor Internet connection may restrict to completion of the synchronization process.

  • Virus Attack on Outlook OST File

    Like other data files, Outlook OST files can also get corrupted due to a virus attack. As we know that Outlook is a mail client, so it enables the user to share data. Due to this feature, anyone can send you malicious files and on the action of it, the outlook ost file corrupted. In this scenario, your Outlook OST file keeps getting corrupted.

    Solution: – It is quite easy to avoid virus attacks on the .ost files. Simply install anti-virus on your system or upgrade the pre-installed one to the latest version. It will protect your OST file to get affected by any malicious program.

  • Hard Drive Partition Get Damaged

    The Outlook OST File resides on the hard drive of your system. If the hard drive partition got corrupted then the .ost file also is inaccessible. It does not dependent on the Outlook version you are using. Once the hard drive partition gets corrupted then all data in it will also be unavailable.

    Solution: – To avoid this kind of situation you need to take regular backup of the .ost file and save it to another partition or drive. This may prevent the continuous corruption of ost files.

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Easiest Way to Avoid OST File Data Lose

Outlook OST File corruption reasons and their solution are mentioned above. It might help you to take precautions to avoid ost file corruption errors. But what to do if your Outlook OST file gets corrupted? In such a situation, you need not panic. Simply download and install the Outlook OST File Recovery Software that can easily repair the damaged OST file. The program possesses many useful features and is also available in the free version.

Steps to Repair Corrupted OST Files

  1. Download & run the application on your Windows OS

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  2. Now browse the OST file in the utility panel outlook ost keeps corrupting
  3. After completing the recovery procedure the utility will provide users a preview of all restored files outlook ost file keeps getting corrupted
  4. Finally, choose a file format to save all restored files and folders. outlook 365 ost file keeps getting corrupted


In this article, I discussed why the Outlook OST file keeps getting corrupted frequently. I explained all the season of ost file corruption and their solution as well. I hope this effort will help you to avoid OST corruption easily.