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How to Fix Outlook Junk Folder Not Working Problem?

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Published On February 21st, 2024
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Outlook email platform experienced performance issues yesterday (February 21) when hundreds of users reported spam emails arriving in their primary inboxes. Outlook, which was known as Hotmail until it changed its name in 2012, appears to have broken the spam filtering system, prompting the company’s support team to respond to several user complaints via social media.

Spam or junk emails cause a lot of inconvenience in your Outlook email inbox. Too much spam can also pose a security threat. Outlook’s jack folder comes with a number of built-in features that rate each incoming email as spam based on various factors. In this case, finding out that your Outlook spam scanner isn’t working properly can be a tricky situation. When that folder goes down, you can also face problems such as legitimate emails going to junk or spam folders going to your inbox.

If you are still facing this problem and your inbox is full of spam emails. Don’t worry. This article has everything you need. Read this article to learn how to fix the Outlook junk folder not working issue. This article explains how to get your junk email folder working again. Before we go any further, let’s understand what the spam folder is and how it works.

What is the Junk Folder?

A junk or spam folder is a place used to store unwanted incoming email so that it doesn’t end up in a user’s inbox. All major email clients and webmail services include a spam folder to help filter and reduce the amount of spam and ad-based email.

How Does it Work?

When you receive a message, your mail service looks at the delivery time, the sender’s email address, and the content of the message. If any of these aspects look suspicious, the client filters the email according to the spam folder. Email services allow users to decide what should and should not be sent to the spam folder by adjusting certain settings.

Why Does Outlook Junk Folder Not Work?

Interference from other software applications is the main reason why the Outlook junk folder does not work. Also, if your spam folder is not configured correctly, you may receive a large amount of spam. These two reasons mainly cause this problem. So, in the next section, we will learn how to fix the junk mail folder problem properly.

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Symptoms of Outlook Junk Folder Not Working Properly

If the Trash folder suddenly stops working in Outlook, you may receive certain error messages. The following message may appear on your screen:

Error Message:
Failed to add to server’s spam list. You may have exceeded the size limit allowed by your server. The spam folder on the server will be disabled until the spam list is reduced to its actual size. Spam message settings are not synchronized at all.

How to Fix Outlook Junk or Spam Mail Not Working?

  • Check the Filter Settings:

You should verify that your spam filter settings are configured correctly. follow these steps:

Go to the Settings menu in Outlook and select View all Outlook settings.
Then select the Junk or Spam Mail. From there you can change your filter settings and make sure your filter is set to “Standard” or “Exclusive” mode.

  • Clear the Trash Folder: If your junk folder is full, it may be preventing the junk mail folder from working properly. So try clearing your trash folder and check it again to see if the folder works.
  • Check the Email Formatting: Once you have done this, you need to make sure that your emails are well-formed and do not contain any suspicious links or attachments. If the email is spam, the spam folder can automatically send it to the spam folder.
  • Disable Any Third-Party Email: If you use a third-party email folder, try disabling them to see if they interfere with Outlook’s junk folder.
  • Update Your Web browser: If you’re accessing Outlook through a web browser, make sure your browser is up to date. Older browsers may not be compatible with Outlook, which can cause problems for spam folders. If none of the above methods work, then contact the Outlook developer.


We hope you found the relevant information guide to troubleshoot the Outlook junk folder not working issue. If the spam filter still doesn’t work, then contact for reliable Outlook support. We are experienced and talented technology experts who work hard to support you in any situation.