Insert Page Numbers to PDF – Arrange All PDFs in Order

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: November 24, 2020 | Technology

Bates Numbers or Bates Stamps are some additional texts placed on the PDF documents along with the self incrementing numbers (page numbers). It is a method that helps PDF users to order the PDF file when converted to hard copies. Also, it becomes easy for retrieving data when you insert page numbers to PDF file page.

How will Page Number Arrange PDF Files in Order?

Page Numbers are a combination of page numbers and some additional texts that make it easy to retrieve data. The Bates number will arrange the PDF file pages in order to give each page a number that will increment on each successive PDF file pages. This way all the pages in a PDF file are arranged in ascending order.
In the case of multiple PDF files to arrange, the Bates stamp (additional text) will make it easier to reflect the type of content within the document. This helps in retrieving data faster from a PDF document. Do you know how to add page numbers in PDF file? Inserting Bates number on documents is similar to the process of page numbering in PDF.

How to Insert Bates Number in PDF?

As we got to know that Page number can arrange the PDF files in order, now we get to the methods. This will help us in numbering pages in a PDF file. The bates numbering is a similar process to the page numbering in the PDF file. We need specific applications to insert page numbers to PDF documents. Not all work with the PDF file formats.

Some applications that are efficient enough to insert bates number in PDF documents are

  1. Automated Solution – Using the Page Numbering Tool
  2. Manual Method Using Adobe Acrobat DC

You can find some online tools as well. They are well efficient for page numbering in PDF but fail to work over multiple PDF files in an instant process. In case you have only a few numbers of PDF files to set on Bates stamp, then surely try any of the online tools for PDF page numbering. The PDF users having a lot of PDFs to arrange can move down to find solutions to do their task efficiently.

SoftwarePro PDF Bates Numbering Tool

SoftwarePro Bates Numberer Tool is astandalone application built to perform this very task in multiple modes and on multiple types of PDF files. The application completes the page numbering task on multiple PDF files in a single process. It acts efficiently over the secured documents inserting page numbers on it without asking for the password. In addition, you get various customization options to insert page numbers to PDF in a new form on the headers or footers of the PDF file. One amazing function is the same number per page option. We will get on it later, now we move to the process to get bates stamp on the PDF files.

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  1. Download & Run PDF Page Numbering Tool on your system.
  2. Click on the Bates menu. Choose the Generate Bates Number option.
  3. Click on the Add PDF button and insert PDF files for bates numbering. Click Next.
  4. Enter Bates Number Details and click Next.
  5. Select a “Position” for the bates number in PDF header or footer.
  6. Click on Browse and select a new location to save the PDFs. Click on the “Generate” button.

This will insert the bates stamp on the PDF files. The option of the same page number per page selected will add one bates number to all the pages of a PDF file. The option of removing encryption from the PDF document will eliminate the password from the PDF and will insert the bates numbers in PDF file.

Adobe Acrobat DC to Stamp Bates on PDF Documents

Adobe, another popular application to work with the PDF files. The Acrobat application of Adobe is known to work all forms of modifications on a PDF file. One function among it is the page numbering and Adobe application performs this task efficiently. You know, Acrobat also allows the PDFs with encryption to add page numbers on it. But here, you need to enter the password for each successive PDF file with the security encryption password. If you don’t remember the password avoid including the PDF among multiple PDF files bates numbering process. It is so that the process stops if any PDF with protection is not completed! the process might fail for rest of the PDFs in line.

Steps for Inserting Bates Numbers in PDF File

  1. Open a PDF file in Adobe Acrobat application.
  2. Navigate to Tools menu and thereafter click on Organize Pages option.
  3. Go to More option and select the Bates Numbering option. Then, click on the Add button.
  4. Click on Add Files option and add insert PDF files for page numbering. Click OK when done.
  5. Hit on the Insert Bates Number option pointing to a text field.
  6. Enter Number of digits, Start Number, Prefix, Suffix & click on OK button.
  7. Again, click on the OK button to add page numbers in PDF files.

This process will insert page numbers to PDF files selected and will append the changes to the original PDF file. If you find the Acrobat application not performing the bates numbering function on your PDF files, try to license your Acrobat application. The license is an application for a monthly and yearly basis. Take the subscription plan as you need and perform the task efficiently.

Final Thoughts

In this article, we have taken a list of solutions to insert page numbers to PDF documents. The PDF users now can use these simple ways to easily arrange their PDF files in order effortlessly. Acrobat is one popular application to bates number of PDF documents accompanied by another efficient tool. Both applications have an efficient performance for easy bates numbering in PDF.