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Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Single Step Solution for Complete Mailbox

Anuraag Singh | Published: 18-May-2020 | Office 365 | 4 Minutes Reading

In this article, you will come to know the simplest solution for Hotmail to Office 365 Migration. The solution includes to Migrate Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Nots, Task, etc. Perform the steps and Move to O365 Account.

This write-up will not going to explain Hotmail and office 365. Also not going to discuss how these two work. My main motive is to discuss a perfect solution to Move Hotmail Mailbox to Office 365 account.

Microsoft does not provide any direct solution to move Hotmail emails to Office 365 user account. So, you need a solution that can easily move complete data.

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Two Steps to Perform for Migration

The migration can be done in a two-step. You have to perform both steps,

• Convert Hotmail Mailbox (Emails, Contacts, Calendars, Notes, etc.)
Import Step 1 Exported Files into Office 365 Account

Note: – The complete migration can be done via a single utility. Follow the steps listed below:

Convert Hotmail Mailbox for Office 365 Migration

In this step, you will get step by step guide to export Hotmail Mailbox and save on your local system. It ensures complete data (Email, Contact, Calendars, Attachments, Notes, etc.) export. For this, you have to use Office 365 Backup Software. The software is compatible with all Windows OS. So, simply download and install and perform 5 steps to convert Hotmail account data.

  • Firstly, Download Hotmail to Office 365 Migration Tool and Install it on your system.
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  • After that, Provide Hotmail Login Credentials (User Mail ID and Password) and click Sign in. hotmail mailbox
  • Now, select Office 365 Backup option, it will allow you to convert Hotmail Mailbox. 365 hotmail
  • Then, select Mailbox Items that you want to export from Hotmail Mailbox. After that provide a location to save exported data on your system and click on Export. migrate hotmail to office 365
  • Lastly, Now select the PST option also select required options Category Selection (Mail, Calendar, Contact), Naming Convention, Date Filter and Click on the Start button. hotmail office

Note: – You have successfully completed the first part of the export Hotmail Mailbox. Now move to the second part.

Import Step 1 Exported File into Office 365 Account

Now the same utility will provide you option to Import data into the O365 account. Now to let’s move the final step of move hotmail emails to office 365:

Step 1: – Initially, Launch the Software again on your system. Now login with Office 365 Account credentials (user ID and Password). After that click on the Sign in button. hotmail office 365

Step 2: – After that, select the Office 365 Restore option. This option will allow you to import Hotmail Emails to Office 365 Account. upgrade hotmail to office 365

Step 3: – Then, browse the PST file (created in step 1) and click on Open. move email to office 365

Step 4: – Now, software will list Hotmail Mailbox Folder, either select required only or select all folders. After that click on the Restore button. convert hotmail to outlook

Step 5: – At the end, Hotmail to Office 365 Migration tool will provide you the option to select category (Mails, Calendar, Contacts, Task, and Journals) select as per your requirement.

Create Folder Hierarchy: – This option will create the folder with the user name and add PST folder to it (For mail type folders)

Apply Mail Filter Option: – In this option, the software will allow you to select a date range (FROM to TO). After that, the tool will include only those mails for migration which lies in the provided date range. So, it is also possible to migrate selected Hotmail emails to Office 365.

After that, click on the Start button. transfer hotmail to outlook

Step 6: – After completing the Office 365 Migration process. The software will show the Successful message. hotmail login 365

Step 7: – Finally, open the Office 365 Account and view your Hotmail Mailbox complete data in Office 365 account. how to move hotmail to outlook

Note – The second step of transfer hotmail to O365 completed here. So, it is a single utility for complete migration.


In the conclusion, we have explained standalone utility to Migrate emails from Hotmail to Office 365. It will cost only $19.

According to many users, the software is best to Move Hotmail Mailbox to Office 365 Account.