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Use Proactive Steps to Fix Gmail Account Running Out of Space Issues

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Published On April 2nd, 2024
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Let’s imagine you receive a notification when you open your Gmail account stating that your Gmail account running out of space. At this stage, you would try to clear some space by selecting the mails which are trivial. Because once the storage on your Google account is full, you won’t be able to send or receive anything. Google offers a user-friendly interface along with ample storage for digital files such as emails, documents, and images.

However, when the storage fills up in Google account, users start to face difficulties. A typical Gmail user would undoubtedly attempt to search for emails and other unnecessary stuff in this scenario and remove them for the sake of creating some space. But doing this whenever receiving the notification that the Gmail account storage full will be more of a hectic task while handling other important work.

So, through this article, we will be enlightening some effective methods that can easily help users resolve the issue of “Gmail is Out of Space”.

Factors That Are Responsible For the Gmail Account Running Out of Space Issue?

Here are some of the most common reasons why a user faces an issue where Google shows that there is not enough space:

  1. Huge Email Attachments: The buildup of enormous email attachments is one of the main causes of Gmail accounts getting full. Should you regularly receive emails with large attachments, your storage capacity may be rapidly exhausted.
  2. Spam and garbage Folders: Another factor that may be causing your Gmail account to overflow is the existence of spam and garbage folders. These files can fill up your storage space over time if you don’t often empty them.
  3. Sent Emails: Emails that you have sent are also deducted from your Gmail storage. Your sent goods can take up a lot of storage space if you send out a lot of emails with big attachments.
  4. Integration with Google Drive: If files from Drive are shared or attached to emails, they may occupy space in your Gmail account. Gmail and Drive are integrated.
  5. Email Backups: Gmail’s automated backups of your messages and attachments, which are activated by specific settings, may also use up storage.

In these cases, a user may get a notification saying that their Gmail account running out of space. Now let’s see some quick tricks to create some amount of space in your Google account.

There are Two Solutions to Resolve Gmail Account Storage Full

  1. Manual Ways to Create Space in Google Account
  2. Automated Utility to Fix Issue of Gmail is Out of Space

Simple Tricks to Manage Space When Gmail Account Storage is full

  • Remove Large Size Attachments: Clear out those emails which have large attachments. Even delete unnecessary emails and attachments.
  • Clear out all the Spam and Trash Folders: Spam emails also take up space, remove them and make sure that the trash folder is also empty. Because all the deleted emails go into the Trash folder which is somewhere occupying the space. Just select all and press the “Empty Trash now” to permanently remove the emails.
  • Clean up Google Drive: Access Google Drive and look through the files you shared over Gmail. To clear up space, think about relocating or erasing data that are no longer required.
  • In case, the entire mailbox has important emails. Then you have the option to upgrade the plan to increase storage space.

These quick tricks will only help you to create some MBs of space which will get filled and again the Gmail is Out of Space alert will come. Hence, it is recommended to go for some Google apps or automated tools that can help to create an ample amount of space in your Google account.

Google Takeout can also be used to take the backup of different categories of data (Images, docs, email, attachments etc). Once the backup process is done then remove whatever is not required. This way also you can save up space in Google accounts.

Use Automated Solution to Resolve Gmail Account Running Out of Space Issue

Above mentioned methods will look like laborious and time-consuming procedures. Though there are some restrictions, this Gmail archiving approach fixes the user’s issues.

Users have another option for handling the issue of their Gmail storage being full. Using the Gmail Backup Tool for Windows OS is among the greatest methods. It offers to extract attachments from Gmail account, and provides multiple file formats to take backup and export in PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX and EML.

Comparing this procedure to the others, it is faster and simpler to use. Additionally, the utility offers several special features throughout the backup process like Delete After Download, Incremental Backup, Apply Filter option.

Guided Steps to Use the Tool and Fix the Gmail Account Running Out of Space

  1. Open the Gmail backup software and select the full version to activate. To resolve the Gmail account storage is full issue, log in with your credentials.Gmail account running out of space
  2. Choose the Email format to export in and select the Category. Use the “Delete after Download” option to remove the data from the Google account after the backup process is completed.choose export format and category
  3. Use the Folder and Date filters to export specific data from Google account.add the required filters
  4. To fix the Gmail account running out of space issue, Browse the destination location and click the Start button.Gmail account running out of space

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Through this post, we have discussed under what situations users find a notification of a Gmail account running out of space. Based on some common reasons which we have listed, this type of alert can be received by the user. Furthermore, we have explained some ways to create some amount of space. To get an ample amount of space, users can consider using the automated solution that is mentioned in this post with guided steps. Before jumping into the methods, we need to know what exactly to do. According to that we should proceed with the described solutions. Hence, we have explained all the necessary information in this article.