Export Outlook Contacts to XLS – Learn Top 2 Methods

Summary: Are you confused about how to export Outlook contacts to XLS? Since MS Outlook does not provide any direct export method, this confusion is valid. Keep on reading this blog to know some not so popular tips & tricks to help you execute this task.

MS Outlook is a versatile email client that manages your emails, contacts, calendars, and other items. You can export Outlook contacts to XLS, business cards, spreadsheets, & many numerous other formats by following this blog.

“I am creating official Excel records for our company and need to accommodate our department’s employees’ contact details. Since there are a couple of hundred workers, it is next to impossible for me to type them all. Is there any method that can be worth my time and can help me achieve perfect results?”

How to Export Outlook Contacts to XLS?

XLS is one of the spreadsheets formats that store our information in records and fields. Outlook does not directly support XLS but there is another format called CSV that can be accessed using spreadsheets. A CSV file is called Comma Separated Values that saves the data in records and separates them using a comma.

In the upcoming sections, we will explain to you one manual method and one automatic solution. Let us first discuss the expert solution that is used by thousands of users & businesses worldwide. The PCVITA Outlook to vCard is a perfect application present out there. It provides unlimited benefits such as:

  • Converts multiple Outlook contacts to XLS in a single attempt.
  • Supports corrupted, orphaned, password-protected contact files.
  • Scans & migrates the contacts for any corruption or damage.
  • Exports all fields & details of the contacts carefully.
  • Preserves data integrity with no loss of information.
  • Versatile enough to support eight formats other than XLS.
  • Does not require installation of MS Outlook to execute.

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to XLS

  1. First, download and install PCVITA Outlook to vCard converter software and add file(s) and folder to it. You can also enable the software to automatically do that for you. If you choose to auto-detect the file, it will search and pick up the contact file from your system.

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2. Next, the software will scan & check the file for corruption before it adds the contact files.


3. After that, you can preview the details and fields of the contacts. Now, export the ones you wish to save to XLS format.


4. Finally, choose CSV as your destination format and provide a location in your system to save the result. Hit the Export button to begin the process to export Outlook contacts to XLS.


Within a few seconds, your resultant files will appear in the location you chose. You can now change this file to XLS in two ways. First, rename the CSV file and change the extension to .xls from .csv. Another way is to launch the spreadsheet program and Save as the file in .xls format.

Manually Export Outlook Contacts to XLS

  1. Run MS Outlook & click on the File button from the top-left corner.
  2. Select Open & Export and then select the Import/Export wizard.
  3. From the dialogue box that appears, choose Export to a File > Next.
  4. Now, select Comma Separated Values as your file type & click on Next.
  5. Then, choose the folder that contains your contacts & tap on Next.
  6. Browse a location to save this output CSV file and choose Next.
  7. Map the custom fields and hit the Finish button to create your file.

You have completed the task. To convert it into XLS, you can choose the same method as described in method one.

Limitations of the Manual Method

No manual procedure is free from limitations and hence third-party tools are required to achieve perfection & efficiency. One drawback while you export Outlook contacts to XLS is the need to match the fields manually. Outlook provides limited fields, it allows exporting many fields to CSV but not all of them. Additionally, mapping the fields makes this method even more lengthy. If due to any reason your Outlook crashes during the process, your contacts might end up getting corrupt. The chances of damage are not always high but there is no point in taking chance and ending up with a huge loss.

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In this write-up, we have explained to you various methods to export Outlook contacts to XLS format effortlessly. We provided one manual method and a smart solution to help you get the best results hassle-free without harming any data.