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How to Export Multiple Outlook Contacts to vCard File Safely?

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Published On March 28th, 2024
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Summary: Are you looking for ways to generate vCard files on Windows OS? If so, then in this article, we will show you two different methods to export Outlook contacts to vCard. 

As quite a large number of people have MS Outlook as their primary email client and use it for personal and business purposes, the data it contains becomes extremely crucial. Therefore, keeping a backup is always recommended to be able to access them during a disaster or in case of an emergency.

Similarly, having a copy of Outlook contacts saved can be of great help in case they get accidentally deleted or overwritten by fault. As contact consists of personal & professional information and is a way to communicate with clients or friends, you can’t afford to lose this essential data as it can cost big opportunities for your business. The most common requirement is to transfer Outlook contacts to vCard like this query below.

How to Export Outlook Address Book to VCF Format?

A vCard (VCF) file format includes name, phone number, address, and other such data. It also supports custom fields, images, and other such media. Also, vCard format is pretty useful in transferring contact across different users which is supported by multiple email clients.

But, when it comes to conversion from an email client like Outlook application, it usually sounds hard to perform to most users.

Here, we have come up with two methods: a professional way and a manual method to resolve this query. First, let’s understand the procedure of manual way. 

Steps to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard Manually 

In this section of this article, we discuss the manual solution to export Outlook contacts to VCF file. But the manual approach comes with some limitations like being time-consuming, the technical knowledge required, Outlook much needed, etc. Nevertheless, let’s proceed to the manual procedure which is divided into 2 parts. 

Step 1: Convert Selected Contacts Into CSV Format 

  • Firstly, launch MS Outlook and go to the File option, then select the Open & Export option and then Import/Export
  • From the Import/Export Wizard, select the (export to a file option) and move to the next step. 

export to a file option

  • After this, select CSV (comma-separated-value) and move to the next step by clicking the Next button. 

Select CSV option

  • Here, tap the Browse button to provide the destination path .csv file and select the given options as per the need. 

Destination path

  • At last, select the contact folder and click on the Next button, end the procedure by clicking the Finish button.

set contact folder to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

Step 2: Convert the Selected Files Into VCF Format 

  • First thing first, hold the Window button and press R (Window + R)

Win + R cmmnd

  • Then go to the Dialogue box through to the Import to Windows Contact and then select the Import option
  • Next, click the CSV option (comma-separated value) and hit the Import button.
  • Browse the folder location and move to the next step. 

browse folder location to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

  • In the last hit the Finish button to complete the task manually. 

Manually Save Single Outlook Contact as VCF

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook application on your desktop first.
  2. Go to the as three dots from below section.
  3. Click on People option from the list.
  4. You can then choose any of the Outlook contact which you want to export in vCard format
  5. Then go to the File tab and click on the Save As button and decide the location path on PC, finally hit the Save button.

Drawbacks of Manual Solution 

This manual technique has some limitations, where you may be stuck or left with this solution. We have mentioned some of these limits below, check them all out.

  • It will be a time consuming process, if you have multiple number of contacts then don’t go with manual solution to export Outlook contacts to VCF file.
  • Also, the above manual approach may be difficult for you if you do not have basic technical knowledge.
  • Extreme data risk, it is not a secure way to transfer your important and valuable contacts as you can enter into data loss factor.

Easy & Secure Way to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard 

As you can see, the manual solution above is quite powerful, but there are also a few limitations that make this procedure difficult and tedious. To overcome all these limitations, we are here with the best vCard Export Tool for Windows OS. This utility is the best option to export Outlook contacts to VCF file.

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The simple, quick, and secure utility software to export single and multiple VCF files without any data loss. Moreover, there is no requirement for technical information to operate the tool. Best software for beginners though they can easily execute the task. Besides these, a demo version is also available to understand this software completely. 

Steps for Import Multiple Outlook Contacts to VCF File

  • Download and run the tool & load the Outlook data file in the utility. The application also provides an option to auto-detect the location of the file from its default location.

add / load file

  • Now, the application will scan the files and provide a preview.

preview option

  • Then, tap on the vCard format and provide a destination location to save it on desktop as necessary.

vCard option to Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

  • At last, click the Export button and let the process begin.

Export Outlook Contacts to vCard

Done! Your vCard file has been generated. This resultant file is compatible with many email clients & devices and hence you can simply  import into any of them.

Conclusion of the Article

So, now, anyone of you can easily export single or multiple contacts from Outlook to vCard/VCF file with the above methods. As to keep all the users in mind we have shared both manual and automated approaches. Though the manual one is bit tricky to perform and containing some limitations, that’s why recommend you to choose the software. As using the software it is quite easy to import contacts with complete data security. So, choose wisely.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- Does this tool allow me to export multiple contact files at once?

Answer- Yes, you can export multiple numbers of Outlook contacts to vCard that too at one go with the help of the tool.

Q- Can I import the resulting file to my other devices as well?

Answer- The resultant VCF file generated by the software is compatible with multiple platforms and email clients and you can choose to work with any of them. So, depending on the platform you choose, you can decide to export the vCard in different versions like 2.1, 3.0 and 4.0.

Q- Can I combine all contacts into a single vCard file?

Answer- Yes, you are free to create a single vCard file for all contacts or a separate resulting file for each source file with the help of this tool. Also, it will keep your data safe while following these steps on windows OS.

Q – I need to export only selected contacts from Outlook to VCF file, is it possible with this tool?

Answer- Yes, once you add the file to the software panel, you can preview and select necessary contacts that you want to export into VCF file in one go. While doing so, the software will keep all the contact attributes on the desktop as before.