Perfect Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 Migration Tool

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: May 18, 2020 | Exchange Server, Office 365

Try this Exchange to Office 365 migration tool which is the most recommended utility by tech-experts to migrate Exchange 2013, 2016 On-Premise to Microsoft Office 365. Its wide range of features eliminates all the complexities and makes the entire task hassle free. The free demo version of the software is available to try all the top features for free.

Advanced Features of Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • Migrate On-Premise Exchange 2013 & 2016 Mailboxes
  • Transfer All Emails, Calendars & Contacts Without Any Data Loss
  • Option to Migrate Multiple Users at One Time
  • Apply Date-Range & Category Based Filters Before Migration
  • Delta Migration to Export Newly Arrived Mailbox Items
  • Concurrent Migration Option to Carry Out Task in Batches
  • Re-Run Migration – To Transfer Skipped or Failed Items
  • Option to Migrate Data from Sub-Domain Users as Well
  • OS Compatibility – Windows 10, Windows Server 2012/2016

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Exchange 2016, 2013 to Office 365 Migration Tool – Detailed Features

1. Exchange to Office 365 Migration Made Simpler – This software is built using advanced algorithms which allows users to export all emails, contacts and calendars to destination account in simple steps. The utility ensures that entire mailbox data is moved to Microsoft Office 365 cloud without any data loss.

Main Screen

2. Swift Migration Process – The tool to migrate Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 mailbox carries out the entire process at a rapid pace. It allows users to transfer a batch of 20 users at a time to Microsoft Office 365 cloud. However, users can add multiple service accounts in tool to increase the batch count to 200 mailboxes at a time. (It requires high configuration machine with proper bandwidth)

3. Keep Folder Structure at Destination Intact – This Exchange 2016 to O365 migration tool makes sure that the entire folder hierarchy of mailboxes is maintained throughout the process. It means users get the same folder structure at destination account after the export process. Along with that, the software keeps data integrity intact.

4. No Mailbox Size Limitation – This advanced utility enables users to export On-Premise Exchange mailboxes of any size. It does not enforce any size limitation on the mailboxes. Therefore, it helps users to transfer even large sized mailboxes of O365 account.

5. Option to Fetch & Import Users – There are two options offered by this Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 migration tool to add users into software for the process:

  • Fetch Users – This feature will fetch all the mailboxes available on Exchange Server into tool.
  • Import Users – This option will allow you to import a CSV file into tool which contains the source and destination User ID of mailboxes.

Users Windows

6. Option to Include Sub-Domain Users – This Exchange 2013, 2016 to Office 365 Migration tool is integrated with so many advanced features. Another feature offers users to include Sub-domain users as well so that users can migrate data from them. This is an optional feature, so users can enable this feature according to their requirements.

7. Prioritize Exchange Mailboxes – With so many advanced features available in this utility, Mailbox Priority is another useful feature using which users can prioritize the migration process. This option provides users with an option to set priority of mailboxes and plan their task in a better and smooth way.

8. Apply Multiple Filters – There are 2 different filters offered in this Exchange On-Premise to Microsoft Office 365 migration tool. They are as follows:

  • Date-Range Filter – It offers users to export their data from a specified period of time.
  • Category-Based Filter – This option enables users to transfer only required mailbox items.

Date Filter

Download Exchange 2016, 2013 to Office 365 Migration Tool

Trial Limitation – Try the demo edition of the tool for free and migrate 2 On-Premise Exchange mailboxes to MS O365 destination account.

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Step by Step Exchange to Office 365 Migration Guide

Having an automated solution makes a complex task simple and efficient. This software to migrate Exchange 2013, 2016 into O365 account makes the entire export task extremely simple. The option to perform the task in batches really increases the pace of the process.

1. Download & Run Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool.

Main Screen

2. Select Source & Destination Platforms & Choose Filters.

3. Enter Exchange 2013/2016 & Office 365 Admin Credentials.

Exchange Details

4. Click on Start Migration to initiate Exchange to O365 Process.

Start migration


Q. How to Migrate Exchange On-Premise to Office 365 in step by step process?

A. Get Simple Step by Step Exchange 2013, 2016 to MS O365 Migration:
• Download & Run Exchange to Office 365 Migration Tool
• Select Exchange as Source & Office 365 as Destination
• Enter Exchange & Microsoft Office 365 Admin Credentials
• Click on Start Migration to Start Export Process

Q. I have around 1000+ mailboxes from which 100 mailboxes are 100GB+ in size. Will this tool transfer those mailboxes as well?

A. Yes, this On-Premise Exchange 2016, 2013 to MS O365 migration tool does not impose any mailbox size limitation. So, you can transfer any large sized mailbox without any issue.

Q. Can I use this software on Windows 8 OS?

A. No, this tool is only compatible with Windows Server 2012, 2016 and Windows 10 OS.