Best Software to Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PDF (Print Able) Format

admin | Modified: April 20th, 2020 | Windows Live Mail

Do you want to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF file? If you want so, get down to know an efficient technique to export complete data from Windows Mail to PDF File. Here, we are talking about a powerful utility and its functionalities.

Windows Live Mail to PDF

There are many requirements of a user that turn him to export Windows Live Mail to PDF format. One could be if the boss wants a presentation in PDF and all the data is mailed to you on Windows Mail. There can be other causes as well.

Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter – An Overview

This application is foremost the best utility to export emails from Windows Live Mail to PDF documents.

  • Convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PDF (Print Able Format)
  • Apply Naming Convention, Date Filter and Include Internet Message Header
  • Option to Add Margin (Min 2.0, Max 10.0 MM), Page Orientation, Page Size
  • Add Bates Number (Start Number, Increment By, Position) and Date Stamp
  • The functions it provides range from scanning all the Windows Live Mail files on the system automatically to emails and attachments conversion to PDF format.
  • There are facilities for selective email data conversion along with maintaining folder hierarchy of email files.

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With a simple and friendly user interface, this Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter performs a simple process to convert emails and attachments from Windows Mail to PDF file and apply advanced features. After the successful conversion, print Windows live mail emails.

Steps to Convert Windows Live Mail to PDF (Print Able Format)

5 steps to convert Windows Live Mail Emails to PDF Format:

Step 1: – Download and Run Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter Software

wlm to pdf

Step 2: – Browse Windows Live Mail data folder. The software enables you to either Auto Detect the Storage Location or Browse file manually.

browse WLM emails

Step 3: – Choose PDF Format to convert Windows Mail emails and attachments to PDF.

software screen

Step 4: – Apply Advance setting like Bates Number, Margin, Paper Layout, Naming Convention, Date Filter, etc.

PDF advance feature
Step 5: – Browse a location to save the PDF files and click on the Export button to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF.

convert to pdf

This simple process will get all the emails of Windows Live Mail convert to PDF files. The above process is tested and founded to provide the assured results it guarantees to offer. Though this application has proven to be the best application for Windows Live Mail to the PDF conversion process, there are some system requirements that need to be fulfilled for the efficient working of this application on your system.

System Requirements to Use Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter

  • Hard Disk Space: 100 MB
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Processor: 1 GHz processor
  • Supported OS: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and all below versions

Now, you have known about a new process and it proceeded to get all your Windows Live Mail to PDF. The downside is some of the features that it offers for better software experience on exporting Windows Live emails to PDF format. Let us know what all it gives us while we are converting mails and print.

Features of Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter Software

Among all the functionalities of this utility, we have gathered some unique features that distinguish this application from other tools over exporting the emails and attachments from Windows Live Mail to PDF file.

Load Automatically Windows Live Mail Storage Location: The Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter will scan all the email files saved on the system and view them in a folder on the left pane of the application. This process is automatic and it initiates this task as you start the application on your Windows system.

Preview Email data Before Conversion: There can be a number of emails within your Windows Live mail that gets to your account day by day. Before you convert the Windows Live Mail to PDF, there are eight view modes to analyze the information in the email file. You can view the emails in normal view, attachment view, HEX view, HTML view, MIME view, RTF view, Properties, and Message header view.

Software Provides Selective Email Export Option: There may be a requirement for only a few numbers of emails from Windows live mail to PDF format. To succeed in this task, this application has the option to select the emails for exporting to PDF files. You need to set a date range to specify the conversion of specific emails within the date range.

Convert Windows Live Mail to PDF with Email Header: While viewing the Message header of an email, there is an option to convert the message header along with the email to the PDF format. This function is not direct and you have to enable the Include Internet Message Header option from the Advanced settings.

Bates Numbering and Date Stamping for PDF File: Before the WLM emails are converted to PDF; there is a facility to add the Bates number to the PDF file (s). You have to set a position to add the Bates number on the PDF file. In addition, you can add the current date of Windows live Mail conversion to PDF format. This also requires proper positioning on the PDF file.

Set Page Margins for Resultant PDF: There is a page layout setting for the resultant PDF files. With this functionality, you have the provision to set the page margins accordingly. Also, there is an option to set the page orientation and page size for the effective printing of the email file in PDF format.

These were some of the unique features of this Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter. If you got any interest in trying this application for exporting your Windows Live Mail emails to PDF, you will be amazed that this application is available in two modes.

Available Software Versions: Demo and Full Version

  1. In the Demo Version, the application limits to convert Windows Live Mail to PDF for just 10 items per folder. This version is free to download and use for a lifetime.
  2. The Full version does not have any limitations and will convert any number of emails and attachments from the Windows Live Mail to PDF format.

Observational Verdict:

Among a large number of Windows Live Mail Converter available for Windows Live Mail Convert to PDF file, we have compared all the applications and found the Windows Live Mail to PDF Converter to be the best among all.

Evaluating all the functions of the application and the efficiency to save the PDF file with multiple PDF settings, we have rated this tool with 9.5 out of 10. It provides all advance features to print WLM emails.