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Backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive – Are There Any Barriers?

Published By Deepa Pandey
Ashwani Tiwari
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Published On November 29th, 2023
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Is it a good idea to backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive? Can it be done without facing the risk of data loss?

Above asked questions and more similar ones have been asked many times by users who are taking backup of their data for the first time.

It is safe to say that OneDrive is a great option to backup files and folders. However, for exporting messages from Office 365 mailbox, it is not an advised platform.

Since you are looking for steps to create an archive, you must be aware of the basic threats to the data.

If not, threats causing users to backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive are given below:

  • Hackers and ransomware attackers try to get into the user’s account and block their emails.
  • Virus attacks corrupt the mailbox and it causes delay in a user’s work.
  • Malware causes data-loss due to the virus that spreads in the mailbox.
  • Users sometimes accidentally delete important emails from the mailbox and remove from the trash as well.

Now, it is better if you take a backup of your data and save it on the local storage rather move it on cloud only.

Is It Okay to Backup Office 365 Emails to OneDrive?

It is not suggested to move your emails to OneDrive since the data is stored on cloud itself. So, the data in OneDrive is vulnerable to all the risks threating data loss in Office 365.

What to do for creating an archive then?

Well, you can make use of an expert-suggested solution which is the Office 365 Backup Tool.

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As it is eminent to download the data for safety, the tech experts have come up with a solution which doesn’t backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive but on local device.

Let’s take a look at the steps of this tool and then learn how the features provided in the tool work.

For Mac OS: Use the download links as given below for Mac machine:


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Learning the Steps of the Utility for Creating a Backup

1. Launch the software and click on the Setup button. Set Office 365 as Source and Outlook as Destination.

enter source and destination users

2. Mark the Email option in the Workload Selection field and set the Date-Filter for exporting selective emails.


3. Now, you have to enter the login details not to backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive but in Outlook. Click on the Validate button and hit the Next button.

Source screen

4. Then, go to the Destination window and enter the destination location and size of the files in Outlook. Validate it and press Next.


5. After that, choose the option to import the users by choosing the Fetch Users or Import Users option.


6. Set the priorities for your accounts and Validate them. Click on the Start Migration button to complete the process.

Stop Migration

The data will be exported in Outlook file format i.e. PST.

Features to Not Backup Office 365 Emails to OneDrive but Outlook

  • The tool helps to download mailbox items and OneDrive documents
  • Provides option to schedule backup automatically as needed
  • Bulk migration of data from mailbox is possible only in a single shot
  • Offers Date-filter option to download data according to a time-period
  • Save the data on desired location in the local storage of a user
  • Incremental Backup option to transfer newly arrived emails only
  • Speed the process by using Concurrent backup option

Why You Need to Backup Emails from Cloud?

Users ask how they can backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive if they are creating a backup of their data for the first time and have not much idea about it.

Experts always advice users to keep a backup of their data on different platforms and on local storage as layers of protection.

However, we have discussed that OneDrive is not a great solution for backup of cloud data itself.

The major reasons to create an archive are also mentioned. Now, there is also one reason for which users should have a backup in case of urgencies.

If you backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive, you can use the backup to access the required data then and there if your emails disappear out of nowhere.

But, experts have suggested to use Outlook as the backup platform to keep the data away from cloud risks.

Now, emails can disappear due to the following reasons:

  • Forwarding filters being applied without knowledge.
  • Email messages being deleted from any other web-site or tools.
  • Being confused with labels and folders.
  • POP/IMAP configuration can lead to deleting data.

Coming to the End

Backup Office 365 emails to OneDrive is not a great option if you want to avoid losing data to the cloud risks. To avoid losing emails, you can backup your data on local storage.

Use the software to export your emails without any troubles and in bulk. The features of the tool can be used for selective data export.