Know How to Transfer Windows Contacts to iPhone in an Efficient Way

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: January 9, 2019 | Technology

Want to move your contacts stored on Windows machine to iPhone? Do not know how to perform cross platform migration? No need to worry, we got you. Here, all possible way to transfer Windows contacts to iPhone are covered in this blog.

A Computer has become a part of our day to day life now. Therefore, when it comes to storing any crucial data, people usually store it on their Windows PC only. But, whenever there is a need or requirement, a user needs to sync them also from one machine to other machine or device. Like this, sometimes users want to import their Windows phone Contacts to their mobile phones. But, the problem is when it comes to add or sync Windows address book to iPhone, it becomes difficult for them to perform cross-platform migration. Therefore, in this post, the best possible solutions to export contacts from Windows 10 to icloud.

“I am using Windows 10 machine for my work, which contains 200 hundred contacts stored in it with .contacts extension. After a long time, I came to know that it is known as Windows Contacts only. Now, I want all these contacts in my iPhone also. But do not know how it can be done in a successful manner. Therefore, I am here and posting my query regarding the same. If anyone knows some solution to transfer Windows Contacts to iPhone, please suggest.”

“I was trying to move contacts from Windows 10 to iPhone but did not succeed. Actually, I exported my Windows phone Contacts to vCard format and then tried to transfer it to iPhone but it was not supported. I think there is some compatibility issue due to an old version of vCard. Now, I am totally confused about what I do next to move all contacts to iPhone. Could anyone help me out in the same? Thanks in advance.”

How to Transfer Windows Contacts to iPhone?

When a user needs to convert Windows Contacts to iCloud, keep in mind that there is no direct solution available.

Things to remember:

  • A user needs to take help of iCloud to add / Sync Windows contacts to iPhone.
  • Except vCard with version 4.0., no other file format is supported by iCloud.
  • Windows machine creates vCard v2.0., which is not acceptable in iCloud.

Now, to know the hassle-free solution, you need to follow the stepwise process mentioned below:

Step 1: Export Windows Contacts to vCard Format

The very first step is extract Windows phone Contacts to CSV format from Windows machine. To do the same, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Go to Start button and type Contacts in the search box to move Windows address book to iPhone


After that, choose the Windows Contacts you want to export in Contacts window

Windows Contacts

3. Hit on the Export tab from the Menu bar

4. Now, click on the CSV (Comma Separated Value) option. Then, hit on Export button for transferring Windows contacts to iPhone



5.  After that, click the Browse to choose the desired location to save exported CSV file. Then, click on Next button

CSV (Comma Separated Value)


6.  Choose the field you want to export in CSV file and click on the Finish button



7.  A message will prompt on your screen after successful conversion, hit the OK button


After performing all above steps carefully, you can check the CSV file at selected destination location.

Step 2: Convert CSV File to vCard Format

In order to transfer Windows Contacts to iPhone, a user needs to convert step 1 CSV file to vCard format with version 4.0. Now, to do it in an efficient manner, a user needs to take help of Excel to vCard Converter tool. This software will let users convert CSV to vCard converter will let users move exported Windows Contacts from CSV to VCF file format. In addition, it provides users an option to create vCard v4.0., which is easily supportable by iCloud. However, if a user wants, then he or she can create single VCF file for all contacts in CSV file. Moreover, one can run this application on any version of MS Windows OS.

For Windows Users :

In case of CSV file on Mac machine, a user can take help of CSV to vCard Converter for Mac. This software let users convert CSV file data to vCard format with version 4.0. on Mac machine.

For MAC Users :

Step 3: Import vCard to iCloud

Now, its time to import VCF file to iCloud account. To do the same, follow the steps mentioned below:
1. First of all, login to your iCloud account on the local machine
2. After that, hit on Contacts box
3. Then, click on the Gear icon from lower left corner of the window and choose Import vCard option
4. Now, Browse the resultant VCF file, choose it and click on Open button

After this all your contacts imported successfully to iCloud. Now, its time to move contacts from iCloud to iPhone by following steps given below:

1. Open Settings App on your iPhone for transferring windows contacts to iPhone
2. After that, click on your name and select the iCloud option
3. Then, you need to Turn on Contacts and select Merge option.

This way you can successfully add / import Windows Contacts to iPhone X / 8 or below versions.


Transfer Windows Contacts to iPhone is one of the common query asked by the iPhone users. As whenever it is done by anyone, they get failed due to one or another reason. Thus, in this post, a complete guide to import Windows address book to iCloud is discussing covering all limitations faced by the users.