Transfer / Import Outlook Contacts to Apple Mail & Mac Mail

admin | Modified: July 24th, 2019 | MS Outlook

No doubt, Outlook is an excellent email client for using and managing data. The most important part is, it automatically comes with the Microsoft Office Suite. But because of its less compatibility with Mac OS, more and more people are moving towards Apple Mail. The biggest challenge for the users who are switching to Mac OS is how to save their previous Windows Outlook contacts to Apple Mail address book on Mac machine. The scenario becomes quite immense when it comes to Outlook address book as many users do not know how to export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail. But do not worry, here in this article we are going to discuss all the possible methods to import Outlook contacts to Apple Mail.

Facts – Need to Know Before Exporting Contacts

Before proceeding with the methods to transfer Outlook contacts to Apple Mail or Mac Mail. Take a look at some of the interesting facts about Microsoft Outlook and Apple Mail.

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Outlook and Apple Mail are among the most loved email client all over the world due to their adaptable nature with almost every platform like Mac OS. Microsoft Outlook stores all its data in PST file format. PST stands for Personal Storage Table. On the other hand, Apple Mail saves files in MBOX format which means we cannot just extract the Outlook contacts and import it into Apple Mail.

Why A User Want to Transfer Outlook Contacts to Mac Mail / Apple Mail

Let us consider a user query when you will feel the necessity to export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail.

“From last 10 years, I have been using Windows Operating System. But now, I migrated from Windows 10 PC to Mac Book Pro. For that, I need to transfer my Outlook contacts to Apple Mail address book. Problem is I don’t know how to do that. Can anybody help me out there? Any help will be appreciated. Thank You.”

Most of you are familiar with the above query. This is just an example of why the user will need to import Outlook contacts to Mac Mail. There are many reasons for transferring contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail client.

Suppose you are working on your Windows System and suddenly your hard drive got crashed. What will you do? You cannot retrieve your computer’s hard disk manually. Chances are there that some data will be lost forever. In the case of PST file corruption, none of the manual approaches will work for you. To avoid these scenarios, go through the next section for complete procedure.

Manual Method to Export Contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail / Mac Mail

In this section, we are dealing with the manual approach to move Outlook address book to Apple Mail. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

    1. Choose “File” from the navigation panel
    1. Select “Import / Export” option from the drop-down menu
    1. Click on the highlighted “Export to a file” option
    1. And then choose “Next”
    1. A dialog box will appear. Choose the Comma Separated Values (Windows) from the menu
  1. Click on “Next” and specify the location by clicking on “Browse” button and name the file as “a.csv”

To import these Outlook contacts into Apple Mail, copy this file into your Mac Operating System and then follow the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Open Contacts on Apple Mail
  2. Select File and then Import from the menu
  3. Open the highlighted “a.csv” file from the drop-down menu
  4. Simply select Open here
  5. Check for the labels of the first contact is correct or headers are marked as “Do not import”. Any change made here will be applicable to all the contacts in the file
  6. Do not import the first vCard contact files to avoid header
  7. Now, click on the “OK”

As you can see the above process is very lengthy, complicated and not reliable. Go for the next method which is quick and trustful to transfer Outlook contacts into Mac Mail easily.

Automated Solution to Import Contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail / Mac Mail

For a more reliant and worthy solution, go for the advanced solution to export Outlook contacts to Apple Mail or Mac Mail Address Book. Use SoftwarePro Outlook PST File to MBOX Converter to transfer Outlook contacts to Apple Mail without any hassle. The Graphical User Interface of this utility is designed by keeping in mind the user’s benefits.

Final Words

From the above blog, we can conclude that Outlook saves its data into PST file which needs to be converted into MBOX format to export contacts from Outlook to Apple Mail. For this, manual as well as the automated solution is being discussed. You can go for the any of the solutions but it is highly recommended to use an automated tool for better reliability and data safety.