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Recover Password From Access Database Effortlessly

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2022-06-20T18:40:46+05:30 | Data Recovery | 4 Minutes Reading

Are you still stuck with password protected Access database file? Want to open an encrypted Access database, but did not get any profitable solution to do the same. Do not worry! Just check out this article to resolve this issue instantly. Here, we have come up with an amazing technique to recover password from Access database without any omission.

As we all know, Microsoft Access provides functionality to users such as they can set a password to encrypt their valuable database. Once the access database is password protected so no one can modify or open that document. This option is useful until and unless a user lost or forgot the password. Because there are many users who are confronted with this kind of issue.

Once users forgot the password they start looking for a solution to recover lost or forgotten passwords from password-protected access database files. So, we consider this issue and come up with a proficient way to recover password from Access database quickly. Let’s get started.

What’s the Requirement to Recover Password from Access Database?

Often users create a database file in Microsoft Access which consists of some crucial details. So, users need to make their valuable database password-protected so that no one can open and view their database. MS Access facilitates a utility to set any kind of password to lock the essential Access database MDB files. Users set complex or lengthy passwords which are easy to lose or forgot. And once the password is getting lost then, a user won’t decrypt the MS Access database. Just in case, you lose your password so, do not take tension just go through this blog to know a trustworthy trick to recover password from Access database.

Do You Know How & Where MS Access Stores Password?

Before moving further initially, you should know where MS Access stored the password i.e., set by the user. In this segment, you will get information and learn the common pattern in which the MS Access database password is stored:

Jet 3 – Here, in this procedure, the Access database password is stored in the Header part of an Access MDB file. But, the format remains plain text.

Jet 4 – In this code, primarily the password is encrypted with a basic XOR pattern algorithm. This completely depends upon the times and data on the file production. And it also stores the password in an MDB file header.

Jet 3 & 4 – In this process, a passcode is additionally encrypted with an XOR pattern affecting an MS Access database MDB file.

Best Way to Recover Password From Access Database

There is no manual solution to recover lost or forgotten access database passwords. In this case, users start searching for a reliable third-party tool named Access database password recovery. It is a perfect solution that helps to reset MS access database passwords without any data loss. Also, it helps to open access to protected file documents after a password recovery.

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Moreover, it is capable enough to recover multilingual or complex access file passwords. The best part of this tool is that you can extract MDB file passwords with the Brute-force mechanism. It has an understandable and user-friendly interface that even a non-technical user can use without having much knowledge.

Steps to Recover Password from Access Database

Below here, we are going to explain some simple steps to reset a lost or forgotten password of the Access database MDB file. So, you just have to follow each step carefully to get the expected output.

Step 1. First of all, you have to download the Access Password Recovery tool on your system

Recover Password From Access Database

Step 2. Now, click on the Browse button to add the preferred Access database MDB file from its respective location.

recover password from access database

Step 3. Select the Copy Password option to copy a password of the selected Access database file (.mdb).

recover password from access database

Step 4. At last, go to the Open Selected Database option to open a password-protected Access database file.

recover password from access database

Time to Verge

Hopefully, you will get rid of this query “how to recover password from Access database”. As we all know, there is no manual solution to resolve this problem. So, you have the only solution left i.e., a third-party application. But there are so many applications available on the internet to do the same. But in the above section, we have suggested a perfect solution so that you can easily unlock access database passwords without any difficulty. Furthermore, if still, you are having trouble retrieving the lost access database file then, feel free to leave a comment below.