Find Out What’s Best PDF Password Remover Mac

admin | Modified: February 3rd, 2020 | Technology

PDF is widely known as a shareable and portable document file. It is efficiently used in different functions such as business, bank statement, agreement, etc., in daily life. So, to maintain authority and protect content from unauthorized access many users set both user-level and owner level passwords in PDF files.

In case if you are a Mac OS X user and want to access PDF files directly rather than providing passwords repeatedly, then this article will disclose some of the best PDF password remover Mac solutions. You can any of the below solutions to remove the password from PDF on Mac OS effortlessly.

Best PDF Password Remover Mac

​Solution #1: Using The Best PDF Password Remover Mac

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There are various tools available to remove passwords from PDF on Mac OS, but the PDF Password Recovery Tool  is the most secure and automated solution to unlock both user-level and owner level passwords from the PDF file. This tool also removes all types of restrictions such as print, copy, edit, sign, etc., from PDF files in a very short time-period. One of the best things about this tool is, it can easily remove passwords from multiple PDF files in batch mode in a single go.

This is how PDF Password Remover for Mac Works:

Step 1: Download and run the Mac PDF Unlocker Tool
Step 2: Click on Add File(s) or Add Folder(s)

Note: The software allows us to unlock PDF files in batch mode. So you can add and unlock multiple files at once.

Step 3: Enter the Password if the file is secured
Step 4: Choose the Destination Location to store the PDF file
Step 5: Now click on the Unlock Button to unlock the PDF file on Mac

​Solution #2: Using Adobe Acrobat Reader on Mac

The licensed version of Adobe Acrobat tool allows you to remove the password and all the types of restrictions such as edit, print, copy, etc., from PDF files. If you don’t want to buy the whole software, then you can crack your password from PDF in a trial period which is a weak long. So to crack the password from in trial period, you can follow the below steps to remove the password from PDF files.

Using Adobe you can remove both user level and owner level security with the help of steps given below:

Steps to Decrypt the User-Level Security

Step 1: Open the protected PDF in Acrobat Pro DC

Step 2: Enter the Password to open the PDF file

Step 3: Click on Protect >> Advanced Options >> Remove Security

Step 4: Next, Click OK on Are you sure want to remove security from this document? this warning to decrypt the PDF file.

Steps to Remove Owner-Level Encryption

Step 1: Open the PDF file in Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Step 2: To check security, go to File >> Properties >> Security tab

Step 3: Now Document Properties will open

Step 4: Click on the Security Method and select the No Security option

Step 5: Then, a pop-up window will be displayed to enter your Permission Password and click OK

Step 6: By this, all the Permissions restricted to PDF will be allowed

​Solution #3: Using Mac Preview as PDF Password Remover Mac

By using Preview, which is a default viewer in Mac OS to view PDF documents, you can choose to remove the password from PDF file. However, sometimes the tool fails to perform when it comes to remove the password from multiple PDF files. This tool also cannot print secured file.So to remove password from the PDF file using Mac Preview, you may follow the below steps;

Step 1: Open password-protected PDF in Mac Preview
Step 2: Right-Click on PDF file, select Open With and followed by Preview

Note: Since the PDF file is protected with a password, you have to Enter a Password to open it in Mac Preview.

Step 3: Once the file is opened, click on the File >> Save option
Step 4: Choose a Destination Location to store a new unlock PDF file

Note: Make sure to uncheck the Encryption Box, otherwise it will not remove password restrictions from the PDF file.

Step 5: Then Click on Save to save the unprotected PDF file

The Bottom Line

Since there are various solutions available to remove passwords from PDF files, but it is recommended to go for the automated solution to unlock your PDF files. The software is completely safe, secure, and easy to use. Besides, there are 2 best PDF password remover Mac available as well and you can pick any of these as per your requirements and time.