Solution to Simplify Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration Complications

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: October 1, 2020 | Migration, Office 365

Office 365 cloud to cloud migration is a process in which organizations are migrating their Office 365 cloud data to another Office 365 cloud. Basically, Office 365 cloud migration needs often arise due to organization mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures.

In this migration process, there are a variety of data that are involved (user’s emails, contacts, calendars, OneDrive documents, domain) to be migrate. It creates complications for organizations, that’s why most of the organizations are frequently asked: “how to perform Office 365 cloud to cloud migration?” Therefore to simplify the complication of this migration we are going to describe the method in the upcoming section.  

Why Need to Perform Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration?

Office 365 is now a very growing technology many organizations have been using for long times. In growing business cycle, organizations acquire other companies or divest from the other organization. In both acquisition & divest scenarios organizations face the difficulties to manage multiple tenants. So In such types of situations, organizations need to migrate entire old Office 365 cloud data to new Office 365. So, if you are one of then who’s searching a method to perform Office 365 cloud to cloud migration then from here you will get the solution..

How to do Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration?

Before proceeding to the solution, you have to know there is no manual methods is available to perform this migration. Even Microsoft also suggests users to use trusted third-party software to perform Office 365 cloud to cloud migration.

So, to successfully accomplish this migration without having any type of data loss we have to use an reliable Office 365 migration tool. As per expert choice, we would like to suggest SysTools Migrator. This software is the perfect way for Cloud to Cloud migration. It will migrate cloud services (G Suite, Office 365) data to other cloud platforms (G Suite, Office 365) with emails, contacts, calendars, documents. Apart from this, it provides many other facilities that are simplified end to end cloud migration.

The following are the Advantages of this Application –

1: Migrate Office 365 cloud subscription data to another.

2: Migrate emails, contacts, calendars, and documents data.

3: Move Office 365 domain to another Office 365 cloud.

4: Facility to create a mapping between source cloud & destination cloud users.

5: Choose categories & date file option to migrate selective data.

6: Delta migration facility to migrate newly arrived items.

7: Re-run & retry migration option to migrate data without duplicate data.

8: Concurrent migration option to set the maximum number of users to migrate concurrently.

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Working Steps of the tool to Perform Office 365 Cloud to Cloud Migration

1: Install & run the software

2: Select Office 365 as a source and as the destination.

3: Select items (emails, contacts, calendars, documents) from Workload Section.

4: From the same screen you can apply the Date-based filter to migrate selective items. After selecting options click on Next.

5: Now, enter source Office 365 admin ID & Application ID, and then click on the Validate button.

6: After validating permissions by software, click Next.

7: Time to enter destination Admin ID & Application ID, click on the Validate button to validate permissions.

8: After successfully validating permissions we need to create a mapping between source & destination users. To do mapping software provides three options – Fetch Users, Import Users, Download Template. Select any one option for users mapping.

9: In this screen, you can see mapping is created between source & destination users. Now click on the Validate button.

10: After validating permissions click on the Start button to perform Office 365 cloud to cloud migration.


After company mergers and acquisitions organizations need to undergo to Office 365 cloud to cloud migration, but unavailability of manual method create complication for the organization. Therefore in this blog we have explained method to perform this migration task easily. The given solution will definitely help organizations to perform end-to-end Office 365 cloud migration.