How to Switch Lotus Notes ID

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: July 29th, 2020 | Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes developed by IBM is an application suite that includes e-mails, contacts, calendar, tasks, programming. This application suite presents all of these components using a single front-end.

Lotus Notes is mostly recognized by an e-mail client which uses Domino Server. It has most or all of the features of the other popular e-mail products on the market, including calendaring and scheduling, and it uses standards-based mail protocols such as POP3 and SMTP.

Notes Database

Lotus Notes file is saved as .nsf file extension but contacts in notes are saved as names.nsf file extension.Contacts are saved separately in Lotus Notes.

Lotus Notes ID

Domino server is broadly known for its propelling security capacities.When on Lotus Notes and Domino server record is made, Domino server client use this id File as the administrator to get to put away information on the server. Your file act as your identification so secure it in a safe place.  This file contains the information that Notes email client used to identify the registered user.

How to Switch Lotus Notes ID

If you share a computer with other users or have more than one User ID, you may need to switch to a specific User ID when you want to access your mail server and other databases.


  • Click File > Security > Switch ID. (Macintosh OS X users: Notes > Security > Switch ID.)
  • Enter the User ID file path, or select the User ID that you are switching to from a directory. For Notes Federated Login, specify your login name.
  • Enter the password for the User ID.