How to Export Emails from Hotmail to Outlook? Handy Solutions

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: September 28, 2021 | hotmail

Summary: Learn how to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook with the help of this guide. The methods for the same are explained in detail along with some information about Hotmail. Let’s get started with this article.

Everybody knows that Microsoft has upgraded Hotmail to and the existing accounts in Hotmail have been closed.

Yet, there are some people who are still using Hotmail because they either didn’t get a chance to move or for whatever reason.

There have been cases where many people are still planning to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook but cannot find a suitable solution.

It’s not that the data is not safe in Hotmail for which the users want to move their files but only to create a backup as per their requirements.

Doing so will help access the data offline without any internet connection in Outlook application.

The methods explained in the coming sections are tried and tested by experts to create a backup and export the data from Hotmail account.

Let’s get going towards the methods for the same.

Manually Learning How to Export Emails from Hotmail to Outlook

The manual method for this operation requires you to configure your Hotmail account after which the emails can be accessed in Outlook account. Following are the configuration steps:

1. Open MS Outlook on your desktop.

2. Go to the File tab and click on the Info Choose Add Account from there.


3. In the Add New Account box, click on the Manually Configure server settings or additional server type radio button. Hit Next.

4. Choose the Internet E-mail option and click on the Next

5. Now, to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook, enter the details like your name and email address under the User Information

6. Select the account type as POP3 and enter in the Incoming mail server section. After that, go to the Outgoing mail server field and type

7. Fill the details for your Hotmail account in the Login Information section like Username and Account password.


8. Hit the More Settings option and mark the My Outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication option in the Outgoing Server

9. After that, choose the Advanced tab to enter 995 as POP3 Server port & 587 as SMTP Server port. For learning how to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook, choose SSL as Incoming SSL Setting and STARTLS in the Outgoing Server setting.

10. Then, click on the Test Account Settings option and Outlook will check all the details.

11. Choose the Next button and hit Finish to complete the configuration process.


12. Exit and launch the Outlook application again to access the data files.

It is a long procedure and sometimes results in errors. Why? Check out the limitations below.

What Are the Drawbacks of the Manual Method?

  • Manual method to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook is a complicated method.
  • Wrong server settings can put a halt on the procedure.
  • If you have enabled the Two-step verification, an app password is to be created to export the emails.
  • The synchronization may take up a lot of time if there is large data involved.
  • There is no guarantee that the order of emails will be maintained after syncing them to Outlook email account.

There are many more limitations that can cause trouble to users that can be avoided by using the professional solution.

How to Export Emails from Hotmail to Outlook Professionally?

To overcome the aforementioned disadvantages of manual method, the Hotmail Backup Tool comes in handy.

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It creates a backup of emails on the local storage in Outlook accessible file format which can be accessed in Outlook easily and at any point of time.

Option to download emails selectively is offered by the software using the Date-filter feature which allows you to export data according to a time period.

The tool makes sure that the folder structure is maintained during and after the migration procedure.

For Mac OS Users:

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Now, let’s find out the steps of the tool.

Export Emails from Hotmail to Outlook Using the Software

1. Run the tool and fill in the credentials, hit the Login button to sign in to your Hotmail account.


2. Choose the PST format and fill in the destination path by clicking on the Browse browse.


3. Click on the Delete after Download option to export the data files locally and delete them from the mailbox. Tap the Yes button when prompted.


4. Use the Date-filter for selective data backup by going to the Apply Filter tab.


5. Press the Start button to begin the procedure.


To learn how to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook after completing the first procedure for the new data files, Incremental Backup feature can be used.

This feature will help you to export only the newly arrived emails to the desired location in any file format to avoid any duplicity errors.

Wrapping Up

Since Hotmail is no longer a part of Microsoft, there are a lot of users who want to export their data from Hotmail. A lot of users want to access their data offline without internet connectivity or any other reason.

The methods explained here to learn how to export emails from Hotmail to Outlook are useful but the manual method is a little complicated. This is why the software is explained for downloading emails without any hindrances.