Errors Found in Outlook PST File – Repair & Resolve Issuses

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: October 28, 2020 | Data Recovery, MS Outlook

If you ever come across ‘Errors found in Outlook PST file’ saying “The file C:\Users\Name\Documents\OutlookFiles\Outlook.PST cannot be found.” Or similar pop-up, that does not allow you to open and access PST data files.

Even after trying countless times if the PST file doesn’t open then chances are much higher than your Outlook files are corrupted now. But you don’t have to stress out because we have brought a manual and Expert solution for you.

Try the Best Solution! Fix Outlook PST Errors & Get Your Data

The MS Outlook Recovery by SysTools solution will repair and recover your corrupted files in one go in a very convenient manner. It has immense capability to turn corrupted files into healthy and ready to use files. The best solution to fix errors found in Outlook PST file is to scan an Outlook PST file in deep for corruption and other damages. Scanning a sophisticated mailbox file like Outlook PST is not an easy task. Get automated software that can read and scan your data file accurately.

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This Ultimate Solution Supports Many Advanced Features:

  • Repair and recovering of multiple PST files in a single go.
  • Ability to repairing severely corrupted and hard-deleted files in PST format.
  • Multiple formats to save recovered PST files
  • Easily decrypt the SMIME and OpenPGP encrypted emails.
  • Directly restore the healthy resultant files to Office 365 in a selective manner
  • No data loss or changes in metadata occur after recovery
  • Eliminate viruses from the PST files and make them reusable.
  • Safe and secure regarding user’s information (as the information is not saved to anywhere else but the user own device)

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Let’s check out why errors found in Outlook PST file. This message appears when the Outlook PST file is corrupted because of numerous reasons.

Reasons Of Errors Found In Outlook PST File

Mainly two reasons cause the error to Outlook PST files these are – Hardware and Software malfunctioning. These are mentioned here

Hardware Issues: Because of various hardware issues the corruption of the PST file can occur. These issues are discussed below

  1. The storage device that saves PST files gets corrupted because of some technical unit errors and it leads to improper functioning.
  2.  There is a time when because of power failure Outlook file gets corrupted.
  3.  If the PST file is stored over the network, then issues caused to the network will directly damage the PST file.

Software Issues: There are software’s reasons mentioned below:

  1. Virus, Malware attacks can cause damage to the PST file result in the corruption of the Outlook file.
  2. Improper or Unexpected shut down will cause serious issues in Outlook and PST files
  3. The large file of PST file can cause corruption to file as it takes longer processing time that makes it prone to corruption of Outlook file.

See Someone else Also Got Same Error : – User Scenario

“Hi, My name is Jonathan. I am using the Outlook application for three years. Recently I encountered an error indicating that “Cannot start Microsoft Outlook. Cannot open the Outlook window. The set of folders cannot be opened.” I even tried ScanPST.exe but the result was futile. Can you please tell me any guaranteed solution that can repair errors found in the Outlook PST file? Thanks in advance.“

“I am terrified of losing my PST file because they have been corrupted because of an anonymous email download which I suspect was a virus. Please tell me about any assured solution which can recover and fix errors detected in PST files so that I can use them again. Any help will be appreciated. “

1. Recovering Corrupted PST Files Through Legitimate Solution

Outlook PST Repair Utility is the ultimate solution when other solution fails to provide the desired result. This method is a self-explanatory solution that recovers and repair multiply corrupted, damaged, permanently deleted, and encrypted and password protected PST file into healthy resultant files simultaneously. You only need to follow these steps to extract and repair PST files.

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Steps to Repair corrupted files when Errors found in Outlook PST file

  1. Download and Run the software and click on the Add Files tab.
  2. To add files you can choose any one of these options that are – Search File and Select File accordingly.
  3. Once the files and folders are loaded by the tool. Now you would need to select the Scan mode that is Quick and Advance scan according to the seriousness of damage and corruption caused to the PST file.
  4. Select the scanned PST file shown in Red color which you want to repair and repair and download later.
  5. Choose the advanced options to customize the download files according to your requirement and save it.
  6. Select the file format in which you want to save recovered files. Here we will select PST as we will open them in Outlook application. Afterward, click on the Export button to start the process.
  7. Once the Export of the PST file gets complete, you will see a confirmation message like this.

2. Detecting Errors in PST Using Technical Scanpst.exe

ScanPST.exe is an inbuilt program that checks out the error and crashes while sharing emails, issues of view settings, and unfinished import or export process. This can detect probable damage to the PST file. This utility can fix minor errors found in Outlook PST file.

Execute Below Mentioned Steps to Run ScanPST

  1. First of all, Exit from all the Outlook application.
  2. Search for scanPST.exe file in file explore Window or search it by name by pressing the Window button.
  3. Double Click on the file and next an Inbox Repair window Tool will appear.
  4. Browse PST file saved in the location of the system.
  5. Click on the Start tab to begin the scanning of files.
  6. As the process progresses errors will be scanned and recorded by the scanner.
  7. Hit the Repair Tab to fix the issues reported.
  8. Restart Outlook application with the same profile that was used while repairing PST files.

Tip – ScanPST isn’t able to fix severely damaged / corrupted PST files and large-sized files. So resolving all errors found in the Outlook PST file is not possible using this method. In such a case, you can use free Professional Help to repair and recover those files.

Bottom Line

We discussed the problem faced by users when errors found in Outlook PST file arise. We mentioned the cause and impact of errors that can damage the PST files and data. Our discussed manual method is useful only in case of minor corrupted files. For large PST files, it might even cause more damage as it requires proper handling according to its size. To avoid all these consequences, we preferred a safe and secure solution, an automated utility. Its advantageous features and smooth functioning that provides ready-to-use healthy PST files.