Perfect Solution for (BSOD) Windows Blue Screen STOP 0x00000003 Error

admin | Published: November 1, 2019 | Windows Error

Windows Blue Screen STOP 0x00000003

Whenever Windows came across the situation in which safe system operation get compromised. It halts and displays some white text on a blue screen. This error is generally known as the Windows Blue Screen STOP 0x00000003 Error (BSOD) or Blue Screen of Death as there is a blue color screen during this error. Apart from this, it is also called as a kernel error, stop error, bug check, system crash, or a system fault. As the situation arises, the screen switches to VGA text mode and displays a dark blue background with an error message.

There are some particular situations only in which this blue screen of error occurs:

  • When Windows is unable to fix the error without any loss of data.
  • When Windows find out that important data of OS has been corrupted
  • When Windows notices hardware failure and it is in a non-recoverable fashion

Apart from this, there can be many other stop error codes also that results in this Windows Blue Screen Stop 0x00000003 Error (BSOD). Among all such error codes, STOP 0x00000003 is the one which is discussed in this post.

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About STOP 0x00000003 Error Code

This stop error is also known as the Blue Screen of Death and always appears as a stop message on the main screen. It displays either of these three stop message or any combination of them:

  • STOP: 0x00000003

Now, keep in mind that this BSOD STOP 0x00000003 error is abbreviated as STOP 0x3 also. But, whenever the STOP message is displayed, it is the full STOP code. If Windows starts normally after this error, then a message will be prompted stating Windows has recovered from an unexpected shutdown message with details like:

  • Problem Event Name: BlueScreen
  • BCCode: 3

Possible Causes of BSOD STOP 0x00000003 Errors

Whenever this STOP 0x00000003 errors encountered by the users, there might be an issue in some parts of Windows or the way it works with some particular types of hardware. But, the possibility of the driver to be a culprit is also there. Thus, before trying any method to fix the issue, be sure about the cause of this error. However, if there is corruption in the Windows OS file, then it cannot be repaired by manual fixes. In such a case, a user needs to look for some alternative solution.

Multiple Troubleshooting Tricks to Fix BSOD STOP 0x00000003 Errors

The Blue Screen STOP 0x00000003 error code is not so common error faced by the users. Thus, to resolve this error, there are some troubleshooting tricks available that one can try.

  • The very first that one can try is to restart the computer. It might be possible that the STOP 0x00000003 blue screen error does not encounter again after restarting.
  • A user can download Hotfix 841005 from Microsoft. But there is one condition, it can be downloaded only if a user is working on Windows XP only. As this software is installed on the local machine, the 0x3 BSOD stop occurring.
  • If any of the above tricks do not work perfectly, then a user can perform some other troubleshooting tricks to fix the same error. Try all of them one by one:

Other Troubleshooting Tricks

  1. Try to undo all recently performed changes via System Restore.
  2. Restore the device driver to a previous version i.e., it was before the driver update.
  3. Make sure that there is enough free space left on the drive. It is because of the shortage of space in the primary partition can also be the reason behind the Windows Blue Screen Error (BSOD), data corruption.
  4. Scan local machine for viruses. It is because these viruses can result in the Blue Screen of Death if it affects the MBR or boot sector.
  5. Try to update the hardware drivers in order to fix the STOP error.


There can be much possible reason behind this Windows Blue Screen STOP 0x00000003 error (BSOD). So, if a user wants to get rid of this error properly, he needs to learn the exact cause of the error. As one of the error messages that a user receives during the issue is the STOP error code 0x00000003. In order to fix this stop error, a user can try some of the manual tricks discussed above.