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Extract Data From PDF Instantly Using This Application

Ashwani Tiwari | Modified: 2020-07-01T17:48:08+05:30 | PDF File | 4 Minutes Reading

“Can you tell me how can I extract data from PDF that is secured? I have an e-book in the form of a PDF. I think it’s a secured PDF because I am unable to extract data. Please tell me some way or a tool so that I can extract some useful data from the book for my thesis.”

In the above problem we can see two issues:

  • First is the person is trying to extract data from PDF
  • Second, the PDF file is secured.

In this blog, I will tell you how to extract information from PDF files that are secured using automated tools. I will talk about two tools. First, to unlock the PDF. Second, to extract data from it

But before diving into the solution let us know what is a protected or secured PDF. As a PDF can have two types of security:

  • User-Protected: in this, the user simply put a password to open the PDF
  • Owner-Protected: in this owner of the PDF can use a permission password to establish restrictions on the PDF. These restrictions can be editing, copying, printing, extracting pages, etcetera.

If you can open your PDF but cannot copy your edit it that means your PDF is owner protected. what can you do is- Install Adobe Acrobat Pro and by using the permission password remove all the restrictions from the PDF.

For This Read: How to make a PDF file not password protected using Adobe Acrobat Pro

But what if you don’t have the permission password for the PDF?
Don’t worry, I’m going to talk about a tool that doesn’t need a permission password to unlock PDF.

A Tool to Unlock PDF File Without Permission Password

This tool can remove all the PDF restrictions like editing, copying, printing, extracting pages, fill in the form, sign in the PDF, commenting, etc. Let us see it’s working:

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1. Download the tool and install it in your system. Firstly click on its Unlock icon given at the top left- hand side.

PDF Unlock to extract data from PDF
2. Now click on the Browse button to insert your protected PDF

Browse protected PDF document
3. A window appears in which you can see all the permissions on your PDF.

4. Click on the Unlock PDF button to start the processing.

Now your PDF is restrictions free. You can copy, edit, print your PDF. If you want a professional to extract data from PDF. Read the coming section.

PDF Toolbox to Extract Data From PDF Files

This tool has been designed for professionals to compress convert and extract text in images from the PDF files. Here is the working of the tool:

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1. After downloading and running the tool you will see all the options that come with the tool. To extract data from PDF click on Extract Text. You can click on Extract Images to take out images as well.

extract data from pdf

2. Click on Add File(s) or Add Folder to insert the PDF from which you want to extract data. Also, Click on the Browse button to give the location where you want to save your extracted data. Then click on the Next button.

PDF files

3. Now you can customize your extraction process. Also, you can click on Advanced Settings to give more customization. After doing all the desired settings click on the Next button.

4. . You will be shown a summary of your customization. After checking the summary you can click on the Start button to extract data from PDF.

Let’s See What All Comes With the Extracting Tool

I told you that this tool can compress, convert, and extract information from your PDF. If I talk about its extracting feature it can extract text and images.

Extracting Images:

  • This tool gives you the functionality to save your extracted image from the PDF in any of the given formats:

Extracting Text:

  • The tool offers you various customization options.
  • There are options to maintain the formatting, and page number including other page options.
  • In Advance Setting Options: You can set the position of text, images, page number and add Text or image on the header or footer of the files as per your needs. Also, it is possible to resize the extracted images as per your convenience.


In this blog, you learned how to unlock PDF files or remove restrictions without a permission password using the tool. Also, I talked about the tool to extract data from PDF With its many customization options. That gives you full freedom of how you want to extract data and images from the PDF file.