Excel to VCF Open Source Software for Windows & Mac – 2020

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: March 26, 2020 | Excel, Software

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets are the best way to store and manage large contact lists. However, copying every contact field one-by-one to some other platform can be annoying for Excel sheet users. Also importing Excel spreadsheets to various devices and applications such as MS Outlook, Android, iPhone, Office 365, Blackberry, G Suite, etc., isn’t that simple. This is so because all these platforms use vCard (Virtual Contact File) to save the contact information. Hence, before moving Excel contacts to such devices or applications, one needs to convert them into vCard file format and to do so, all of us need Excel to VCF Open Source software.

open source Excel to vCard converter

In today’s online marketplace, several third-party applications allow Excel spreadsheets to vCard (VCF) conversion but, the question is ‘Are all of them safe?’ The simple answer is ‘NO’ and most of the programs might lead you to permanent data loss conditions. Therefore today we’ve picked the best Excel to VCF Converter open source software in 2019-2020. Here we go!

Excel to VCF Open Source Software

Completely Safe, Secure, & Simple

Excel to vCard Converter open source is the most powerful and fastest application that allows to convert unlimited Excel contacts into vCard format instantly. It is easy-to-use and designed after considering all the basic requirements of end-users. The user interface of this tool is clear, highly responsive and it is super simple to use that even a non-technical user can use it without any technical assistance.

Besides, the software does an excellent job of converting entire Excel contact details into vCard (VCF) format. Besides Excel to VCF Open Source supports multiple language conversion as well. That’s why we’ve considered Excel to VCF Converter open source as the best tool to convert Excel contact files into vCard.

Download & Enjoy Unlimited Contacts Conversion

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Excel to vCard Converter Open Source – Key Highlights

  • Convert Multiple Excel Contacts to vCard – No matter how many contacts are there in your Excel spreadsheet, Excel to VCF Open Source Software will convert all of them into vCard in a single go. Also, there will be no any kind of data manipulation issues after the conversion.
  • Supports All Type of Excel Spreadsheets – During Excel contacts conversion, we mostly ignore the file type we’re choosing to save our contacts. But, no issue! Best Excel to vCard Converter open source supports to convert all types of Excel files like XLS, XLSX, CSV, XLSB, XLTX, XLT, XLSM, Excel workbook as well as template files into vCard file format.
  • Map Excel File Contact Fields with VCF – There are several means of communication, like Mobile, Fax, Email, Pager, Telephone, etc. And Excel file might comprise various contact fields. With the Excel to VCF Converter open source, you can map all these Excel contact fields with appropriate vCard fields and then convert Excel contacts to vCard without any field mapping issues.
  • Generate Single/ Multiple vCard for Contacts – The Excel to VCF Open Source software provides an option to create a single vCard for all Excel contacts. Checking this option, one can create a vCard file that comprises all the Excel file contacts. By default, the software will create a separate vCard file for each Excel contact.
  • Create 3 Different vCard Versions – Different devices and applications support different vCard versions and with the best Excel to vCard Converter Open Source, you can create vCard v2.1, v3.0, and v4.0 as well. Later the converted vCard can be imported into a supported platform without any compatibility issues.

How Excel to VCF Open Source Works?

With the help of this software you can convert your Excel Spreadsheet to vCard in 4 simple steps with best Excel to VCF Converter open source:

Step 1. Add the Excel file in software by clicking the Browse button

open source Excel to vCard converter
Step 2. Preview file contacts with entire contact fields and click Next

Excel to vCard Converter open source
Step 3. Map Excel file contact fields with vCard fields. Click Next

Excel to VCF Open Source
Step 4. Choose vCard version other required options and click Export
Excel to vCard Conversion Started

How Many Contacts Can be Converted Using Excel to vCard Converter Open Source?

Excel to VCF Open Source does not impose any type of limitation on the number of contacts that can be converted using it. Users can convert any number of Excel contacts into vCard with this at once. The software is successfully tested with 30000+ Excel contacts conversion.

Additional Software Benefits

  • Complete Safe Conversion – The Excel to VCF Converter open source software will convert all Excel contacts into vCard along with entire contact fields. It is designed with advanced algorithms and so, the software will perform safe contact conversion without losing a single bit of information.

  • 24*7 Technical Support – If you will face any issue while operating this software, then the technical support team is available for you 24 hours a day. You can contact this team via Live Chat, Skype, and other means.

  • Highly-Responsive and Easy-to-use – It does not matter how many contacts are saved in your Excel file as the tool will convert entire contacts into vCard quickly. Moreover, Excel to vCard Converter Open Source is simple and can be used by any user.