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Ashwani Tiwari | Published: May 15, 2020 | Data Recovery, Software

Intro: In this post, I will explain the features of the data recovery wizard. Read this post and know why to use this software. How this software will help you to secure lost files.

Storage devices are vital for storing files. But there are numerous issues due to which can result in data loss. In this situation, you need a data recovery wizard. A number of utilities are available for data recovery, but we have chosen a reliable one to review in this post. This application that we will talk about today has already earned popularity due to its outstanding attributes to recover permanently deleted documents. Let’s learn about Data Recovery Wizard and what are its specifications and features.

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Download Data Recovery Wizard
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Data Recovery Wizard – Features

Data Recovery software is the application widely used to recover lost files and folders. It supports retrieving data from both external and internal drives. The program is compatible with all Windows OS versions and supports FAT32, exFAT, and NTFS file systems. It supports a secure way to recover permanently deleted data. Some important features are explained below:

  • Recover External Disk Data: Data Recovery Software can easily restore all data. Even if the disk has been formatted, the tool will retrieve wiped data from that disk too. Simply attach the external hard disk to your computer and launch this recovery tool. After that, the tool will recover lost files.
  • Supports All File Types: The disk can contain various types of files and some of those may not be well known. Therefore, this Data Recovery Software is designed in a way that recovery of all file formats stored. The utility supports recovery of images, multimedia files, document files, PDFs, and other files.
  • Retrieve Selective Data: Sometimes, users wish not to retrieve all the files. This Data Recovery Software facilitates users an option for selective file recovery. All the required files can be selected on the preview section and the tool saves only the chosen files. So, by using this recovery software in the year 2020.
  • Restore Corrupt and Hard Deleted Files: If the drive is corrupted or damaged, this recovery tool will retrieve all of its data without any trouble. The application also works perfectly with all kinds of deleted data (soft-deleted and permanently deleted). It even marks the deleted files in red in the resultant file.
  • Search within Recovered Files: If users are looking for any particular file or a group of files, they can take the help of the Search option of this recovery wizard. This feature helps to locate any file based on the date or file format. So, it becomes quite easy to recover lost files and then search the required files and save.

Pros of Using This Data Recovery Wizard

  • Support External and Internal drive lost files recovery
  • Data Retrieval from corrupt and formatted drive
  • Refresh button for prompt detecting of attached storage device
  • Provide option to save data in any chosen location
  • Support recovery of all types of files saved in the storage device
  • No file size and disk size limitation to perform data recovery
  • Data Recovery Software is compatible with all Windows OS

Why not Use this Recovery Software – Cons

  • The Data Recovery Software is not compatible with Mac OS.
  • It doesn’t support to recover overwritten files and folders

Steps to Use this Data Recovery Wizard

The Data Recovery Tool can be used without any trouble, thanks to its user-friendly GUI. Here is what you need to do:
Download Data Recovery Software

Download Data Recovery Wizard
Windows OS
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Step 1: – Download Data Recovery wizard and Launch it to see all the drive attached to the system including the external ones. If you do not see the external drive, click on the Refresh View button.

recovery wizard 2020 screen

Step 2: – There will be two options available for each drive. To recover data formatted disk, click on the Formatted Scan option. Otherwise, click on the Scan option.

download wizard

Step 3: – The software will scan and display all items of the drive according to the folder structure. The deleted files will be highlighted in red color.

software screen preview 2020

Step 4: – Users can also search for any particular file, or files of any particular category. After that select all the files you need to retrieve and click on the Save button.

save files 2020

Note – All the above-explained features of this data recovery software. But the tool also provides the same feature to recover deleted data from SSD also.

Final Verdict

The amount of data we have to deal with every day is increasing. Just like the internal hard drives, external HDDs are equally prone to corruption and damages. So, there is no reason to think that external hard drives are a safe option to store data. In case your external hard drive is facing some corruption issues, Data Recovery Software is there for you.

This application is highly praised for its performance by the users and MVPs alike. We would also like to rate this recovery tool 9.8 out of 10 after being completely satisfied with its performance.

Most demanded Data Recovery Wizard in 2020.