Read this to Convert Mac Outlook OLM file into MBOX format

Ashwani Tiwari | Published: May 19, 2020 | Apple / Mac Mail

Mac Outlook generates OLM file and whenever the user wants to move their data from Mac Outlook to any other platform. It permits the user to export emails, contacts, calendars, etc in OLM file format.

On the other hand, Apple Mail is a free and default email application for Mac OS and offers more features as compare to Mac Outlook. That’s the reason why most users are switching from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail.

Although, both programs provide email exchange service; however, they facilitate users in their ways. Some users have a great experience with Mac Mail as compared to Mac Outlook because Mac Outlook stores its data in OLM file format and Mac Mail uses MBOX for an equivalent.

The OLM file can be accessed from Mac Outlook itself only which makes difficult for users to carry their OLM data. Including Apple Mail and more than 17 email clients supports MBOX file format this is also why users got to convert their OLM file to Mac Mail.

 Now, you know that OLM and MBOX are two different file formats. So, if users need to import their Mac Outlook data to Mac Mail, they need to convert Mac Outlook OLM file into MBOX format.

User Queries

Data migration from Mac Outlook to Mac Mail is always a complicated task for users. Let us understand this problem with this user query related to the same;

“Due to the increasing load on my system, I’m thinking to use Apple Mail in place of Mac Outlook. Apple Mail is a default mail application in Mac OS X hence; I would like to use Mac Mail rather than Outlook. Mac Outlook is also costly for me in comparison with Apple Mail. Please, someone, suggest me best solution import .olm to Mac Mail without difficulty.”

Migrate Mac Outlook data to Apple Mail

Unfortunately, there is no direct method to execute the mentioned task. Hence, If you have .olm file you just need to convert it from OLM to MBOXfile format.

Don’t worries we have a proficient tool that performs this task for you!

Reason to Choose Automated Tool

There are various third-party tools available in the market which offer to convert Mac Outlook OLM file into MBOX format. Whereas, there is no guaranty that every tool keeps your precious data safe.

Thus, we have one of the most trusted and tried solutions given below. This tool is designed on highly programmed algorithms that make this task easy. Here we have described some key features of the tool below.

  1. Permits to save emails along with attachments
  2. Maintain Original folder hierarchy during the conversion process
  3. Authorize to convert any size of OLM file
  4. Having two option for browsing OLM file: Add File / Add Folder
  5. The standalone application doesn’t need any supportive tool.

Automated Tool to Convert OLM to MBOX

This tool allows converting multiple files from Outlook OLM to Mac Mail.

  • Download OLM to MBOX Converter tool and install it

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  • Select Add file / Add folder option to add the OLM file
Add file or Folder option
  • Choose MBOX file format from Export type
MBOX file format
  • Browse the destination folder for the resultant file
Destination folder
  • Hit the export button to initiate the process
Export button

Now, your file is converted navigate to the location that you browsed to save MBOX and you just need to follow the below steps to import it into Apple Mail

Ways to Import MBOX file in Apple Mail

  • Open Apple Mail to your system the go to the File menu
  • Then hit the Import Messages… button
  • Now select Other option the hit the Continue button
  • Click on  File in MBOX format  option to import your data
  • Choose MBOX files according to your use then hit  the Continue button

This is how simple anyone can migrate Mac Outlook OLM file into Apple Mail.

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However, switching email platforms is always a tremendous task but sometimes it is a necessity of the situation. Such a task of file conversion is very difficult and one among the foremost searched tasks by the user. The reason behind this is OLM file can only be accessible from Mac Outlook.

Whereas, MBOX supports 14+ email clients and some of them provide free service. Using this above solution even a non-technical guy also converts Mac Outlook OLM file into MBOX format in a trouble-free manner.