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Backup Rediffmail Emails Using Rediffmail Backup Tool

Hey! I have been using Rediffmail since I started using emails. As we know the need for security and safety is increasing day by day. So, now I want to backup Rediffmail emails that are very important. But the issue is I don’t know about any Rediffmail backup tool that can help me out in downloading the emails. Kindly suggest the most suitable solution for accomplishing the task. Thanks in advance!!

If you’re someone who’s looking for ways to backup their emails. Then read this blog completely and stay tuned with us to learn about the best backup tool.
So, let’s get started!!

Table of Content

    1. Why One Should Backup Rediffmail Emails?
    2. Use Best Professional Rediffmail Backup Tool – Direct Approach
    3. Why do Users Backup Rediffmail Emails with the Professional Tool?
    4. How to Backup Rediffmail Emails? – Complete Working Process
    5. Ending Lines

Why One Should Backup Rediffmail Emails?

There are multiple reasons behind this backup process. Some of the main points are mentioned here:

  1. Most of the users primarily download emails to local devices because they want to protect their data from hacker threats.
  2. Also, users can easily protect their data from loss or corruption due to virus incursions with the use of a backup.
  3. No ransomware attack can prevent you from accessing your data if you have backups of it.
  4. Humans are fallible, and one of those falls is accidentally destroying data. Backup can safeguard it.

Quick Steps to Backup Rediffmail Emails

Step 1. Download the free Rediffmail backup tool on your PC.

Step 2. Enter the credentials and log in.

Step 3. Select the Backup File Format.

Step 4. Apply advanced settings to customize the backup process.

Step 5. Finally, start the Rediffmail backup.

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Use Best Professional Rediffmail Backup Tool – Direct Approach

Mac IMAP Backup Tool is the best-suited application for users who are searching for solutions for this backup issue.
By making the use of above solution user can easily perform this task. This tool can be used with ease and both technical and non–technical users can make use of this application easily. With the help of this software, users will also be able to save a lot of time. Users can easily preserve folder hierarchy with the help of this Rediffmail backup tool. Users can also backup newly received emails via amazing features of the software.

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Let’s have a look at some advanced features of the tool for the betterment of our users.

Note: Free demo version of the Mac IMAP Backup tool allows users to take the backup of first 100 emails easily without any issue. For more, users have to purchase the licensed edition of the software.

Why do Users Backup Rediffmail Emails with the Professional Tool?

There are multiple benefits of this software. Some of them are mentioned here:
• Delete after Download: You can take advantage of this option to delete stuff from your inbox in order to make room on the server.
It will automatically remove the desired files from the mailbox following export and download them for you.
• Date-Filter Option: The Rediffmail backup tool enables you to export data from a certain time frame.
By applying this filter and entering the desired dates in the “from” and “to” columns will only retrieve the data for the selected time frame.
• Always Maintains Folder Hierarchy: When you backup your Rediffmail inbox, this default setting keeps the structure intact.
It guarantees that your folder structure and data are maintained in their current state.

How to Backup Rediffmail Emails? – Complete Working Process

Users have to follow some simple steps to accomplish the task in the best possible manner:
1. Firstly, users have to install and run the above-mentioned Backup Tool on their Operating System.backup rediffmail emails
2. After that, choose the IMAP host domain and then enter the Rediffmail account credentials into it.enter credentials
3. Now, users have to select the saving option from the select export type list.select export option
4. Then, users can also browse the destination path to backup Rediffmail emails.browse destination path
5. Lastly, click on the “Start Backup” button to complete the backup procedure.rediffmail backup tool
6. After completion of the entire procedure, a pop-up box will appear on the screen showing the message of completion.demo limitation

Let’s Conclude

In the above section, we have mentioned a solution through which users can backup Rediffmail emails. Both technical and non–technical users can make use of the Rediffmail backup tool. By following the steps mentioned in this write-up users will be able to complete this task easily. Also, this software is very easy to use and understand. You can try the Demo version of the utility to backup your emails which is available for free of cost. We hope after reading this post user will be able to perform this task without any issues..