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How to Backup Exchange Server Emails – A Comprehensive Guide

Overview: This write-up provides a detailed explanation of how you can backup Exchange Server emails on your local system. You either use the native solution i.e. Windows Server Backup or opt for a professional solution recommended by experts.

For almost all businesses, emails are one of the most important parts of communication and workflow. A lot of employees don’t realize the importance of emails while sending crucial data via them. Any loss of data may be accidental or not, can result in considerable loss of data and put compliance at risk. Thus, keeping a backup copy of Exchange Server emails is always recommended by experts.

Talking about the ways to backup emails, there is a native solution offered by Microsoft i.e. Windows Server Backup. This is a simple solution that permits users to create a full VSS backup of a selected volume or the complete server. However, if you need to perform a custom backup by selecting one or more folders, then the log files will be truncated, the restoration will be limited to file restore and Application level restore will not be available.

In such scenarios, an automated solution i.e. Exchange Email Backup Tool comes to the rescue. This software provides users with the option to apply various advanced filters and choose mailboxes that they want to backup. There are many other useful options as well to make the job quick and efficient.

Backup Exchange Server Emails Using a Professional Solution

Although Microsoft offers a free solution to backup Exchange data, the shortcomings that it incorporates make users look for its alternatives. And the best solution to backup emails from Exchange Server is this Exchange Email Backup Tool. The software comes loaded with many advanced features and ensures complete data backup without any hassle.

The application offers as many as four export options i.e. PST, MBOX, EML, and MSG. You can choose any of these file formats to backup your data. Furthermore, there is a date-range filter that will allow you to backup emails within a specific time period.

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There is an inbuilt dashboard within this software that will help you track the backup process in real-time. Not just that, the tool comes with a priority-based filter where you can select particular mailboxes that you want to backup prior to others. All these features make the administrator’s job effortless and efficient.

Simple Steps to Backup Exchange Server Emails

Step 1. Download this smart application for free.
Step 2. Choose any available export option.
Step 3. Provide Exchange Server details.
Step 4. Choose Mailboxes for backup.
Step 5. Start Exchange Server emails backup.

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Backup Exchange Data Using Windows Server Backup

If we consider a free utility provided by Microsoft, then Windows Server Backup is that solution using which you can backup your Exchange Server data (requires WSBExchange.exe plug-in installed). It is a native tool that comes with a “not so difficult” process and allows users to both backup and recovery processes.

You can find a detailed guide for entire process here.

One of the major limitations of this solution is that it allows you to perform a complete VSS backup of a selected volume or backup complete server. If you try to backup a selective set of Exchange Server emails, then there are a certain set of limitations that can hamper the whole process.

After considering all these limitations, most Exchange administrators don’t prefer going with this procedure and prefer opting for the aforementioned solution.

Summing Up

Professional solutions to backup Exchange Server emails offer some unique set of features that make them a bit superior to native solutions. The same is in the case of the solution to backup emails from Exchange Server by SysTools. The utility offers numerous smart features as well to make the job trouble-free.